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  1. Hi Insydium 🙂 I dont know if its a good place to post it, but i wanted so say thanks that you are keeping to push xparticles. Without it there is a lot of stuff that just couldn't be done in a justifiable way in C4d. We recently finished a job where we used xpc as a basic crowdsim tool( and obviously some konfetti 😉 ) which i would like to share. One lesson from the job was that i do feel that there should be a more convenient way to select and manipulate particles by their id. I did have success with python, but it did seem so slow things down a bit. C4d R20, XPC, OC
  2. shinjin

    Playback existing cache file

  3. shinjin

    Surface Advection Slow Motion

    Just cache it and then use the manual time function: Keyframe that and adjust the curve as you need it in the timeline.
  4. aaaaaaahh found it!!!! the Project time needs to start at 0. if its at negative values it doesnt work.
  5. This is an example: I emitted particles, added an XPGenerator set an initial state, set emitter to controlled only Replaced a couple of times the objects unter the xpGenerator and then the initial state doesnt contain any particles anymore even thou it still uses memory. C4d R20. initalstate.c4d
  6. Hi All, does someone know a fix for this? C4d R20. XPT 4 Cheers!
  7. Damm. i was wondering what magic Xparticles would be doing to do something like this 😄 Well that would be a feature request - with that feature you could build a proper crowdsim 🙂
  8. Gooood Morning Ya All! Is it possible randomly offset PLA baked animation if used via a generator obj? There seems to be a checkbox for that, but its greyed out? xpt 4.0. R20. Thanks!
  9. Found the problem! you can retime the Emitters but not the Generator. So just cache the Emitter and keep the generator live. Awesome!
  10. Hi Mario! Great presentation! I have a question regarding the retiming - if i cache particles and then slow them down, they dont interpolate smoothly they "Jump" from cached frame to frame. TimeOffset.c4d
  11. Also, using a xpWeight trying to blend xpspin in an Orient to Target mode and a Xpspin in a Tangential mode just sets the particles spinning. Using TP to gain greater control is something i would really love to avoid because i am working with 2000 particles. mixingRotation.c4d
  12. Thanks mike! Great idea! But i need to keep the particles in the same place just change the rotation. I cant find a way to only influence the rotation but not the position.
  13. Hi! Is it possible to mix the tangential rotation with Orient to object? I would like to have particles most of the time rotate themselves tangential but when they come to rest Orient themselves towards the camera. Basically: The slower they are moving the more they orient themselves towards the camera.