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  1. pattnethercoat

    can't create cloth

    Hi Nathan, My brain pinged just as I was about to send in the scene. I had recently changed my default scene setup to start at frame 1. Of course cloth is based on a shot emission at 0.83, so it wasn't getting started. Maybe I should try and get used to starting at 0. Thanks for replying anyway. P
  2. pattnethercoat

    can't create cloth

    Either simple select plane - create cloth, or in an xpsystem via the dynamics folder drop down Neither works. Loading a preexisting cloth setup works fine. Anyone met this problem before? (C4D R23.008, XP Build 895) Cheers, P
  3. pattnethercoat

    xpOcean orientation

    Is there a way of making xpOcean visible from the underside, equivalent to flipping normals?