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  1. Paras Soni

    Annual subscription of 33 USD per month

    thanks Steve I have contacted the sales team, right now the Annual supscription is showing 483.72 USD, was it the same last year, or the pricing has considerably increased, i remember i was paying 33 USD per month, for annual subscription, what is the monthly EMI of this years subscription, have the prices gone up ...???
  2. Paras Soni

    Annual subscription of 33 USD per month

    i am not able to send the message because it says The license you have entered is not valid.and and it does not allow me to send any message to the customer support, pls can you help me
  3. Hello friends I have noticed my X-particles and Cycles 4D license expired recently in September 2020 but when i go to renew it i dont see any annual subscription of 33 USD which i had purchased last year Can somebody guide me how can i renew my subscription Thanks