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    Ability to add E-Cycles

    It might be hard to include E-Cycles in the official Cycles 4D build, but if there was a way to easily modify the files like one could do in Blender to add E-Cycles after buying E-Cycles and Cycles 4D that would be great. The up to 15x speed increase that comes with E-Cycles would be huge. With the ability to update E-Cycles ourselves we could also benifit from his daily builds. For those that don't know what E-Cycles is here is a link.
  2. I opened a file made with an older version of Cycles with a material that used a mapping node to animate the texture moving over the surface. I opened this new file in the newer version of cycles and it was not animating. I narrowed down the cause to the mapping node itself. It seems the new version of the mapping node is different some how than the older version of the mapping node even though they look exactly the same. Please scrub though the following file to know what I mean. The only value changing is the Position in the Z direction in the mapping node. old mapping node not working.c4d This could be a problem when opening a larger scene with a lot of mapping nodes to have to replace all of them by hand. Old mapping node is from Cycles Build 1.0.0247 with core 1.8.1.
  3. I welcome anyone to add to this, but here is a start of some suggestions to help make the material converter better. Old conversion of material. Note this material had a fresnel in the reflection. Here is what it would look like with my suggetions. Changes are as follows. The Mix Shader was replaced with an Add Shader as the reflection is always added on top of the diffuse in C4D. A Fresnel node was added to the Color of the Reflection as the original had fresnel on the reflection. This Fresnel value should be taken from the Fresnel value in C4D. I'd also suggest 2 HSV nodes connected to each other, as shown below, so the Value could be set on one to the value of the layer strength and the other HSV Value set to the Reflection Strength. If there is more then one Layer for reflection in C4D a Mix node should be used to get more then one reflection mixing so it looks the same as it would in C4D. A Hue Saturation Value node was added between the Alpha input and the texture being used for the Alpha because in most cases people will probably want to tweek it. Another one not shown here is if Additive is checked under the Transparency an Add Shader should be used as a node between the Refraction and any other channels instead of a Mix node. A C4D Transparency will put a reflection in the relection layer for the reflection of the Transparency so it will by default look like glass. This Transparency relection has fresnel and can't be deleted in C4D. Even turning off the Reflection layer won't turn it off. The only way to turn it off is to uncheck the eye next to the "* Transparency *" layer in the Reflection channel. The conversion of materials from C4D to Cycles should reflect all this. The should also be a Add node between a Refraction and Gloss node in Cycles when a Transparent mat is converted from C4D. I've got a ton of other things I could suggest to make the material converter wayyyy better. It would take me many hours to make the list and show examples. These are the things that are the biggest headaches. As a further note the materials in the Starter Pack are abysmal. I'd completely take that off the marketplace because it confuses a lot of people starting off with cycles making them think that is the way materials have to be in Cycles. All the materials are way over complicated and others are just plan wrong. I'd be willing to spend time finishing this list to make a great material converter and/or make a good starter material set if you like give me a PM or email.
  4. unrealplus

    CPU+GPU render (hybrid) tile size

    In the new version of Blender Cycles they made it so the tiles size really doesn't slow down the GPU anymore if the tile size is not big enough. It seems the new Cycles 4D also has this. This means if you have a really fast GPU in comparison to your CPU you can set a smaller tile size and not have the frame of the render waiting to have the CPU finish the tiles it's working on near the end of the render. In the past it was faster to have the GPU working only because you would have to set a bigger tiles size to not get a slow down and if you had slower CPU working with that the GPU would quickly finish all the tiles, but the ones the CPU was working on. This would delay the render finishing because it's waiting for the CPU. Long story short smaller tile sizes will probably be better. I use 32x32 as default now.
  5. I'm not sure if this was fixed in the Beta or not, but with Cycles Build 1.0.0247 with core 1.8.1 it would render hair with curved segments with curve shape set to thick like below with these lines no matter the material used. When switching the hair to Line Segments it rendered correctly like shown below using the same material. I hope it's fixed by the time the next Cycles comes out because I'd like to upgrade, but can't justify it if this is not fixed. It works right in Blender.
  6. unrealplus

    Hair Curve Segments with wrong UV map

    Tried with build 321 cycles core 1.9.0 with windows 10 on a Titan X Maxwell C4D version 19 The problem is still there.
  7. Using build 321 cycles core 1.9.0 with windows 10 on a Titan X Maxwell C4D version 19, the textures when using the Texture Tag vector don't tile the UVs right. This worked right in the older vertion of Cycles 4D. Now it's giving these lines which look like the texture is bunched up when upping the tiles size. In the following file change the tiling in the texture tag to see the problem. UV not working.c4d In another file which I can't share as is, but will try to narrow the problem in the Tiles U after 3.26 seems to revert back to zero even though it's set to 3.27. In the Tiles V every whole number makes the tiling go back to 0. So when you go from 1 to 1.01 the tiling of 1.01 looks more like 0.01. I'm thinking it's part of the same problem.
  8. unrealplus

    pinned points don't take cloth with it

    In the file move around the "xp not working" and the "c4d working" to see the difference. The cloth on the xp cloth does not say with the pinned geometry. The pinned points with the c4d cloth does correctly move the cloth with it when the pinned points are moved. From what I can tell it's a priorities issue as the cloth is not being calculated after the pinned points are deformed by any deformations. If the Bend deformers Strength is changed while playing it can be seen the pinned points of the xp cloth does not follow the bend from the Bend deformer. Instead the cloth stays in place without moving. I'd like to use xp cloth with a character, but with out it's pinned points following the deformation from a skin deformer it's impossible. xpcloth with joints.c4d
  9. unrealplus

    pinned points don't take cloth with it

    In your example it looks like it's changing the shape of the "arm" not the "cyl for pinning" which has the actual pinned points. I'm wondering if the pinned points can be changed via a deformer and have the cloth follow the pinned points after the deformation?
  10. unrealplus

    pinned points don't take cloth with it

    Awesome. Can't wait to try this with a character. Now let's say we wanted the cloth to move when the Bend deformer changed the shape of the "cyl for pinnning". Would that be possible?
  11. There is Cactus Dan's Youtube Page which has some good stuff, but I was wondering if there has a manual or instructions of any kind for the different tools? If no one does maybe we can start a community writing of instructions for Cactus Dan's tools on this thread. I'll start with what I know Holding Ctrl before clicking on many things can bring up additional options before being applied. CD Add Spring Constraint - Makes a spring between two non joint objects. If used on joints they seem to fall forever. Use on two controllers to get springiness. CD Add Spline Constraint - Constrains an object to a spline path. Constrained object can be moved via a value or dragged with the cursor.
  12. unrealplus

    Manual or instructions