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  1. unrealplus

    pinned points don't take cloth with it

    In your example it looks like it's changing the shape of the "arm" not the "cyl for pinning" which has the actual pinned points. I'm wondering if the pinned points can be changed via a deformer and have the cloth follow the pinned points after the deformation?
  2. unrealplus

    pinned points don't take cloth with it

    Awesome. Can't wait to try this with a character. Now let's say we wanted the cloth to move when the Bend deformer changed the shape of the "cyl for pinnning". Would that be possible?
  3. unrealplus

    Manual or instructions

  4. There is Cactus Dan's Youtube Page which has some good stuff, but I was wondering if there has a manual or instructions of any kind for the different tools? If no one does maybe we can start a community writing of instructions for Cactus Dan's tools on this thread. I'll start with what I know Holding Ctrl before clicking on many things can bring up additional options before being applied. CD Add Spring Constraint - Makes a spring between two non joint objects. If used on joints they seem to fall forever. Use on two controllers to get springiness. CD Add Spline Constraint - Constrains an object to a spline path. Constrained object can be moved via a value or dragged with the cursor.
  5. unrealplus

    pinned points don't take cloth with it

    In the file move around the "xp not working" and the "c4d working" to see the difference. The cloth on the xp cloth does not say with the pinned geometry. The pinned points with the c4d cloth does correctly move the cloth with it when the pinned points are moved. From what I can tell it's a priorities issue as the cloth is not being calculated after the pinned points are deformed by any deformations. If the Bend deformers Strength is changed while playing it can be seen the pinned points of the xp cloth does not follow the bend from the Bend deformer. Instead the cloth stays in place without moving. I'd like to use xp cloth with a character, but with out it's pinned points following the deformation from a skin deformer it's impossible. xpcloth with joints.c4d