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  1. ptaylor999

    Iclude / Exclude Objects + Anti-Alias

    Me too. Need this functionality.
  2. Thanks, Krusty, I actually found a solution (example still below)PlumesTest_1_0155.tifPlumesTest_1_0155.tif. Use Cycles 4D instead of Octane. Since it's developed specifically to deal with X-Particles I figured it might be able to handle this, and I was right. That said, if you found a way to render different emitter shaders/colors with Octane, I'm very interested and will definitely be taking a look at the file you posted. Thanks again
  3. ptaylor999

    Two expolisaFX in the same scene

    Sorry, here's that image: PlumesTest_1_0155.tif
  4. ptaylor999

    Two expolisaFX in the same scene

    I know this is a late response, but I've just now been dealing with this issue myself, and have found an answer. Originally I was using Octane as well, but could not solve the issue of having each emitter render with it's own, unique color. So, I switched to Cycles 4D and, after some guidance from the good folks at Insydium, it's no longer a problem. It's all about the Cycles shader, Leaarning the Cycles way of dealing with Explosia-specific volume shaders has been a challenge, but I've got the hang of it and am off to the races. However, if you have solved this problem with Octane, I'd love to know how you did it. Here's an example from Cycles:
  5. ptaylor999

    Separate ExplosiaFX objects Colliding. Possible?

    Hey Nacho, I found a better solution ... ... Cycles 4D Since it's the only render engine that handles Explosia volumes natively (no need for exporting and importing VDBs), I thought it might be able to allow me to simply assign a color to my particles and carry that through to the render. After a lot of research into Cycles and some help from the good folks at Insydium, looks like I was right. Thanks again for all your help. Pat
  6. Hi All, First, I'm a Cycles 4D noob. So there's that. My basic problem is this - I have an ExplosiaFX sim that I'd like to render using the emitter's Display colors and am wondering if that's possible in Cycles. The scene contains 1 ExplosiaFX object with 2 emitters, each emitting a plume of smoke towards each other. Eventually, they collide and mix, and that's the point. • I need each plume to be a different color. • I cannot use 2 Explosia nodes because I need the plumes to interact/collide with each other, and it seems that having one ExplosiaFX node collide with another is impossible (unless you can show me a way?) • I've managed to accomplish this in the viewport by changing the display color of each emitter (I learned this in a tutorial online). It looks great in the viewport. (see pic below) • So, like I said, I need a way to actually render each plume as different colors. Is there any way that Cycles can accomplish this? Any advice on this specific issue, or how to accomplish this effect in general, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, and stay safe! Pat
  7. ptaylor999

    Separate ExplosiaFX objects Colliding. Possible?

    Just to check - Right now I have 1 Explosia object and 2 emitters. Does the technique you're proposing require 2 new emitters and 2 new Explosia objects? So I would then have a scene with 3 Explosia objects and 4 emitters? Am I getting that right?
  8. ptaylor999

    Separate ExplosiaFX objects Colliding. Possible?

    Hey Nacho, Thanks so much for taking the time to respond and give me some guidance on this. Very much appreciated. Being that I'm such a noob at Explosia and X-Particles in general, I'm still working out the instructions from you and Verd. It will take some experimenting and research on my part I guess. For instance, I'm not at what point I should cache the main, colliding Explosia and when I should advect each new emitter. I'll figure it out. Say, would it be possible to get the C4D project file you set up? It might help to see how you wired everything up. Thanks again! Pat
  9. ptaylor999

    How to remove whisps

    This is coming to you pretty late as I've just seen it, but to solve this issue for myself, I increased the Explosia Simulation scale by 500%. Worked like a charm.
  10. Hey all. Still learning ExplosiaFX and have run into a bit of a speed bump. Here's the issue: I have 2 horizontal plumes of smoke being generated and I want them to collide with each other, but I also need each plume to be a different color. Thus far I can't figure out how to make both of those things happen in the same scene. - Using a single ExplosiaFX node with 2 emitters works great for the collision. It's beautiful. Problem is, now I'm left with a single Explosia object for both plumes and thus cannot assign a different color to each one. - If I use a separate Explosia object for each plume then I can generate 2 VDBs and assign a different color to each, but the plumes no longer collide with each other. So there's my quandary. AARGH! Is there a way to have one Explosia object collide with another? Just wondering if anyone out there might have a solution. I've included a couple of comparison pics so you can see the difference between the colliding plumes, and non-colliding. Thank You !
  11. I have an OVDB mesh that is being deformed by several tendrils. I've set up the mesh to emit particles with Emission set to shot, Speed to 0, so the particles sit on the surface. I simply need those particles to stick to the surface as the mesh deforms. Is this possible in X-Particles? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks
  12. Try as I might, and I might, I cannot replicate this semi-tutorial (5;15 - 9:41) (see below) The tutorial is not fully explained and I'm stuck. My goal is to emit particles with trails from an object, have the particles stop, thus making the trails a particular length, and then have both the object and the trails be affected by dynamics, specifically turbulence, all the while keeping the trails from floating off the object. Think of a neuron with tendrils coming out of it's body, floating in goo. Does anyone know what all those tags are that are attached to the xpTrail object? Knowing what those are might help me in dissecting the workflow in the video. Any help at all would be appreciated. Thanks.
  13. For some reason, the Modifier and Generator buttons on the Modifier and Generator nodes in the xpSystem hierarchy do not work anymore. The drop-downs have disappeared and the buttons themselves are dead. It's the same for old and new projects. I can still access the Modifiers and Generators using the regular X-Particles dropdown or from my custom buttons, but was getting used to the other workflow. Plus, it makes me wonder is something else is awry that might bite me in the butt later? I'm still an XP noob. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks!