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  1. I have an OVDB mesh that is being deformed by several tendrils. I've set up the mesh to emit particles with Emission set to shot, Speed to 0, so the particles sit on the surface. I simply need those particles to stick to the surface as the mesh deforms. Is this possible in X-Particles? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks
  2. Try as I might, and I might, I cannot replicate this semi-tutorial (5;15 - 9:41) (see below) The tutorial is not fully explained and I'm stuck. My goal is to emit particles with trails from an object, have the particles stop, thus making the trails a particular length, and then have both the object and the trails be affected by dynamics, specifically turbulence, all the while keeping the trails from floating off the object. Think of a neuron with tendrils coming out of it's body, floating in goo. Does anyone know what all those tags are that are attached to the xpTrail object? Knowing what those are might help me in dissecting the workflow in the video. Any help at all would be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. For some reason, the Modifier and Generator buttons on the Modifier and Generator nodes in the xpSystem hierarchy do not work anymore. The drop-downs have disappeared and the buttons themselves are dead. It's the same for old and new projects. I can still access the Modifiers and Generators using the regular X-Particles dropdown or from my custom buttons, but was getting used to the other workflow. Plus, it makes me wonder is something else is awry that might bite me in the butt later? I'm still an XP noob. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks!