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  1. cmcclain

    Animating Objects on Birth w/Clones

    Ok. So did a test and only animated clones through the Transform tab and it works. Unfortunately, this looses all bits of randomness (final open position, to delaying petals opening) through animating fields that give the flowers a bit of "unnatural realness." Not sure if there is work-around for this... again, any and all help is greatly appreciated! PianoKeyFlowersOpeningTest2.c4d
  2. Hello! I'm trying to animate opening flowers made up of piano keys across a surface. I have found a similar post in this forum that does exactly what I want my scene to do. BUT when I add my own geometry and animations, the system only animates my clones for about 50 frames. After that, all future spawns just POP in to the scene. Maybe it has to do with that I'm animating fields instead of geometry... ? Not sure. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciate! Cheers. Curtis. PianoKeyFlowersOpeningTest.c4d