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  1. Walkinghome6

    OVDB Mesher (Transfer Point Color)

    Thank you, I will try this. If I need a different look, I could change the particle radius to compensate for this? Thanks
  2. Walkinghome6

    OVDB Mesher (Transfer Point Color)

    Attached is the scene file. I have simplified it. Transfer Point Color Problem.c4d
  3. Walkinghome6

    OVDB Mesher (Transfer Point Color)

    I've got this grid pattern that shows up on my OVDB Mesh when I use the "Transfer Point Color" option. I think I went to use the option like 6 months ago on another project and ran into the same thing. Has anyone seen this before. If I need to, I'll upload my project, but really did want to go through that, cache in all.