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  1. Is there a better outlet to ask for help on this...? /sigh
  2. Hi there. So I was having some difficulty with Explosia and ended up borrowing TurbulanceFD to make this animation: Thing is, I'd really like to use Explosia, but I don't know where to start. If someone could guide me to some resources I could follow to do this I would very much appreciate it. I've included a 3MB primitive to what you see above and would love to get into detail on how it is accomplished. If it's best we talk over Skype/Google Hangouts/Discord, I am happy to do that as well. I will make a short tutorial after we come to a solution so that others can learn from this experience. Attached file. X-PARTICLES - ENGINE COMBUSTION FOR XP FORUM BSMITH V2.c4d
  3. Thank you guys for the assistance in the Discord. Unfortunately I didn't have any qualitative results with Explosia + Octane, and ended up having to purchase another plugin. If there is anyone out there that would be willing to take 1 one hour of their time using Skype/Google Hangouts one day to recreate this (using my file) with Explosia + Octane, I'd be all ears. I'd also be willing to pay you for an OBS Studio 1080p recording your process so I'd have a good reference point. I'd prefer to just use X-Particles because I really like it and would love to get better use out of the license other than just air/fuel particles. My email is BLSmith2112@gmail.com. In the meantime, here's my result that will have to suffice until I'll have time to revisit this in early May:
  4. Optional Cache files (248mb): https://drive.google.com/open?id=1nnCu17mumsaPspNMfuK5IqOkZPAhbTvE
  5. Hi all. Here is a short video detailing my issue: Here is what I am trying to emulate exactly: My two questions (addressed in the video): How come when I try create a xpCache, it still does not allow me to see it in a third party renderer's live viewer? How come my modifiers have no effect on the xpExplosia object? I added the modifier to the Explosia object but it didn't budge. I've provided the file from the video below. I spent several hours making this primitive file to make it as easy for you as possible. Thanks and I very much look forward to a back and forth with you. If you have experience in this area and have some time for a Skype/Google Hangouts, I'd happily pay you for your time. BSMITH EXPLOSIA CACHING V11.c4d
  6. Thank you @Mario Tran Phuc for your reply I managed to create an effect similar to what I was looking for using your help. Here is a video on my solution if it is of any help to anyone: I provided my solution below. I was unable to learn how flowfields worked or how they could have helped me in this case so unfortunately those were not part of my solution due to my ignorance. As far as Explosia is concerned, I gave up on it a week ago due to the sheer low number of tutorial content out there for the feature, but recently came back into it and I think it warrants its own thread. Thanks Mario!!! XP FORUM - 01 - QUESTION_0008.c4d
  7. Alrighty, thanks again Mario for all the help thus far. To prevent me from mucking up this thread and making it confusing I'll start off with one question: I have a yellow primitive circle acting as my fuel object. Once I create a new group (lets call it, "Sticky") and create a xpChangeGroup modifier and place Sticky in as the new group. The green shape appears in the preview window, but not the render: Here's the file. Any tips on how to make that appear? Thanks Mario, I'll follow up with a question on the Flowfield tomorrow. I'm having trouble making it work due to the thin tube the yellow particles exit out of. If you have any trouble opening the file, I will happily make the required changes. Thanks SO MUCH!!!! Link to my file: 1mb https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Fu7Lo3bKIeHnNWVx-SGtjhoepwzBcYcu
  8. This is great work, Mario! Thanks for this the advice & even files! This will be a bit for me to digest but I will be doing my very best over the coming workweek to recreate it. I will publish my results (if I have them) and/or come back with as detailed of question(s) as I can with examples.
  9. Programs Used: Cinema4D: R19 X-Particles: 4 What I am trying to create exactly (GIF): This is from a video we had outsourced a year ago. What I currently have (GIF): Notice there are no streaks like the above GIF. I'd love to learn how to property create this streaking effect. Video Version (Optional, 3 minutes): Any help is appreciated. I've provided the file I used in the video below, thanks!!! (Unrelated aside: I'm using a video as the explosion because there is only 1 video online on Explosia/Octane and it never talked about keeping an explosion within a confined space, if you are knowledgable of this X-Particles feature, I'd gladly pay you for your time if you could walk me through it). Link to file used in the video: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1pto-TxEmkxlC36wMmLO4OeTZ2LPnKKwt
  10. blsmith2112

    Explosia Help For Beginners

    I am in this same boat. I am trying to simulate this explosion effect: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a4y1qcDFp94 After many days of trial and error, I've gotten this effect thus far, but I had to result to using a poor quality video for my fire and smoke: https://media.giphy.com/media/2igJbF0MBtgqV7CECJ/giphy.gif However, there is only one tutorial out there when it pertains to X-Particles Explosia, Octane, etc., but that video does not discuss creating artificial containers for the explosions, simulating exhaust, etc. So much confusion on this feature in X-Particles and there is hardly any resources out there to learn, plus the community is pretty small which makes it even harder to learn. I'd be willing to pay someone for the time but even that I'm finding difficulty! Here's a simple file that strips all the internal modeling. If anyone from Insydium, the community would be willing to help, shoot me a reply here, my email Smith.Brandon@basco.com, or feel free to DM for my phone number as I'd like to move along on my project sooner than later: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1pto-TxEmkxlC36wMmLO4OeTZ2LPnKKwt Sorry if this technically hijacked the thread, but for a forum with only 10 total topics and one of them pertaining to the same issue I was having I figured it was OK to post here.