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  1. bleepurchin

    Cache start time bug

    Hi guys, So I need my cache to start at a certain frame - not frame 0. Simple right? Well no. Even when hitting override on the cache tag and changing the frame number, XP stubbornly refuses to change the start frame from 0. Is this a bug or am I missing something? Thanks, Luke.
  2. bleepurchin

    xpFlowField display issue SOLVED

    Ah ok. Yeah I see that now. Thanks Mike.
  3. bleepurchin

    xpFlowField display issue SOLVED

    There are only two different images above... for some reason I can no longer edit the post to remove the repeat image.
  4. Hi there, I cant seem to get the xpFlowField to display properly in the viewer. I am using noise as a shader option. The Arrows or lines will not move around in 3D space - only in a diagonal direction as shown in the image attached. When in random mode, I get the arrows pointing in all directions though - just not with the shader option.... What am I missing here please? Many thanks, Luke Busby