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  1. Mike Batchelor

    Material Preview not updating

    hmmm not sure have you tried it in a new scene?
  2. Mike Batchelor

    emitter freezing

    post a bug report for it so devs can take a look.
  3. Mike Batchelor

    Smoke Emitted from Animated Texture

    If you look at the Explosia source tag each channel has a little black arrow next to it, fold that open and you see channels eg selections or textures these can be used to drive the simulation.
  4. Mike Batchelor

    Attaching particles to the tips of tendrils

    cant be done with tendrils because the tendrils are a constant stream of particles not a fixed amount.
  5. Mike Batchelor

    can't see hdr image like background

    how are you setting it up? when you launch the cyEnviroment object it now has a HDR tab if you click on that youll see a browser button click that and load a map see if that works.
  6. Mike Batchelor

    Material Preview not updating

    Hi There, The Preview is designed to not update unless the RTP is off, the reason for that is it takes system resources to render the preview and slows workflow down.
  7. Did you get my reply on Discord? Copy Past for reference. for the first one A: Octane ETC need a VDB sequence to view the simulation data, the only render that can currently use it natively is Cycles4D. for B did you put the modifiers into the Explosia Modifiers list? EG the modifier tab has a link list to add any mods you need to drive the fluid.
  8. Mike Batchelor

    Emit From Object broken?

    great glad it worked.
  9. if they are not moveing then the flowfield would still work you can do this. you can even use a falloff to control only in an area. does that help? flowfieldtarget.c4d
  10. Mike Batchelor

    Emit From Object broken?

    in the emitter Object settings set it to emit one particle per source element.
  11. you could use a flowfield set to target the camera
  12. Mike Batchelor

    pinned points don't take cloth with it

    In theory yes it can But its not designed for actual clothing simulations its more a general purpose and tearing cloth, if you are planning on doing characters you want to increase the scene xp substeps and iterations to help with collisions.
  13. Mike Batchelor

    OVDB Mesher (Transfer Point Color)

    This is a limitation of the way VDB reads the data but a fix for this one is change the voxel size to 1 and the point radius to 1 and it should clean it up, Half Width is also used to clean up these but for this sim it has no effect.
  14. Mike Batchelor

    pinned points don't take cloth with it

    Several issues in the file, 1: the pin tag has the correction deformer in as the object, thats a virtual object and has no points. Iv used the cyl for pinning object but iv added some thickness to it so it has enough points for cloth to use. Next the cloth. you have the emitter set to use a point selection but that selection doesnt cover all the object so that means no cloth in the section with no particles. So take the selection out and it will work like this.
  15. Mike Batchelor

    early access lighting problem

    can you post more info or a file
  16. Mike Batchelor

    problem with render redshift and octane

    Does Cycles work? You can test the demo if you don’t have it.
  17. Mike Batchelor

    OVDB Mesher (Transfer Point Color)

    I haven't seen this could you make a simple version of the file and upload it.
  18. Mike Batchelor

    Lost the download address and CDK

    contact sales via the website.
  19. Mike Batchelor

    problem with render redshift and octane

    looks like the import is been flipped. can you manually flip it?
  20. Mike Batchelor

    xpFlowField display issue

    its just the way it works, if you want to see the arrows more random set Legacy mode.
  21. Mike Batchelor

    old forum Is this available somewhere?

    Hi There, We are in the process of building up a Knowledge base of information and the old forum will be used to fill this resource up. we are aiming to roll that out this year. if you have any specific questions you can use the new forum or contact support.
  22. Mike Batchelor

    Ease in to full stop or freeze

    Hi There, You can use the speed modifier to do this.
  23. Mike Batchelor

    Quicksand effect

    FluidFX is the only grains solver so play with that set the grains in the emitter
  24. Mike Batchelor

    mixing fluids help please

    To mix particle colours in a liquid simulation you would need to use the PDB solver and set the blend to 100%
  25. Mike Batchelor

    mixing fluids help please

    what type of fluids liquid or smoke?