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  1. Mike Batchelor

    X-particles 4 Fluid Viscosity

    can you post your file
  2. Mike Batchelor

    mp4 cycles surface

    you need a mapping node and a texture coords node so you can define were the texture/video will be added
  3. Mike Batchelor

    Fluids not working with small scenes

    Hi Guys Ill give you a little run down on whats happening. So first off scene scale is not in fact an issue what is the issue is simulation settings. @vicnorman you were on track with Gravity. whats happening is the particles are moving to fast due to the scene scale and the Gravity. If they move in steps greater than the SPH radius the simulation wont work. so things to look at are gravity speed and substeps lets have a look. Here's a scene with a real world sized glass and particle radius of .1 as you can see its not working as you expect it too. xpFluid_RealWorld_Scale_01.mp4 So lets change the gravity strength right down to 100. We get this much better already. xpFluid_RealWorld_Scale_02.mp4 Now we want to make it fill up more so lets do a couple of things. First increasing the particle radius will help fill a glass more. However that will make the solver more explosive so to combat that in the FluidFX object enable "Check Density" So in this scene we set the radius up to .4 And this is the result. xpFluid_RealWorld_Scale_03.mp4 One more thing to try out you may not need it is to increase the scene substeps in this iv increased it to 3. The result is a little more realistic. xpFluid_RealWorld_Scale_04.mp4 As you can see much closer to what you expect and still using the real world scene scales. Hope that helps.
  4. Mike Batchelor

    xp4 how to buy ?

    All the information can be found on the website. https://insydium.ltd/shop/
  5. Mike Batchelor

    Rendering with cache vs without cache

    Would you send a message to tech support to check this out looks like it could do with some looking at, but also does it happen if you use standard rendering?
  6. Mike Batchelor

    Rendering with cache vs without cache

    I'm not an Octane user so difficult to give an answer on it without much context, whats the scene what are the difference etc.
  7. Mike Batchelor

    PV Render and Editor Render not the same

    can you post the file
  8. Mike Batchelor

    Crashing C4D R20 XP 4*642

    any problems like this please contact technical support or use the bug reporter.
  9. Mike Batchelor

    how to create this kind of spline effect

    you were on track with strange attractors 🙂 something like this. its a case of finding the right shape you want. strange attractors.c4d
  10. These are no longer available anymore.
  11. Mike Batchelor

    FLIP Tank option?

    the xpDomain is a FLIP solver.
  12. Mike Batchelor

    Thinking Particles to XP Emitter

    try the thinking particles options in the emitter.
  13. im not sure if you can but can the fields generate a vertexmap on the surface? if so you can emit from that.
  14. Mike Batchelor

    display settings and xpCache

    if you cache particles you are caching in the colour data too unless you un check that. in the cache object record data choose custom and cache only what you need. this will work with single colour.
  15. Mike Batchelor

    Tiling Material or Environment Material

    you need a mapping node and a texture node to get the correct data. that way you can control how its mapped