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  1. Mike Batchelor

    xp4 on c4dR20 volume builder issue

    cache doesn't hold much information, I would get the mesher cant read them.
  2. Mike Batchelor

    xp4 on c4dR20 volume builder issue

    If you go to the Emitter > Editing tab and switch on the editable option it makes the particles standard points.
  3. Mike Batchelor

    xp4 on c4dR20 volume builder issue

    Is there any reason you are using voluom builder over the built in VDB mesher? It’s exactly the same thing but built to work with X-Particles. As far as I know you need to have your emitters in point mode to work correctly.
  4. Mike Batchelor

    Cache xpOVDBMesher

    have you tried a Alembic export you can bake in maps into Alembic.
  5. Mike Batchelor

    Bridge'em all!

    Developers can contact us if they need any help.
  6. Mike Batchelor

    Guys! Help ;)

    What have you personally managed to achieve when trying?
  7. Mike Batchelor

    Constraint Xp Cloth to initial State

    thanks very useful πŸ™‚
  8. Thanks ill forward it to the development team.
  9. Mike Batchelor

    Bridge'em all!

    If its a custom GUI the bridge wont know about it. so something may not work as expected.
  10. Mike Batchelor

    Bridge'em all!

    Oh cool I used to have DPIT tree was a good plugin. shame it wasnt continued.
  11. Mike Batchelor

    Bridge'em all!

    Hey cool what plugin is that?
  12. Mike Batchelor

    Welcome to our community

    check above there is a link for Discord we have had a channel running for some time now πŸ™‚