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  1. Mike Batchelor

    Wetmaps reveal

    yse use them in the alpha of a material as a mask
  2. Mike Batchelor

    Falling marbles in a box/dynamics

    the latest EA version has xpDynamics that will do this type of shot.
  3. Mike Batchelor


    use the trail modifier it has a shrink setting.
  4. Mike Batchelor

    XP 3.5 Video Manual / Help

    the old manual was dropped, we added some of the main tutorials to our YouTube channel.
  5. Mike Batchelor

    xpGenerator objects collision

    try it out with the latest EA build using the new xpDynamics
  6. Mike Batchelor

    How can I get this effect with xparticles?

    looks like a fluid simulation with some meshing
  7. Mike Batchelor

    Noisy Extruder Styles

    its a lot easier in the latest EA of X-Particles, the scale modifier has a new from shader option that will take care of the scaling up and down with one modifier.
  8. Mike Batchelor

    Surface Advection Tut- only advect areas of png

    make an emitter that emits from a object with the material and set the emission to texture.
  9. Mike Batchelor

    XP Dynamics set up

    Heres an example file for you to look at, RE the object not been on the surface, if you look at the xpDynamics tag the radius is default set to 5, that is the actual size of the particles so they are hitting the floor first. sphere break.c4d
  10. Mike Batchelor

    Making a Rocket Burn

    This is one for particles as the source. rocket.mp4 xprocket.c4d
  11. Mike Batchelor

    Cloth on each particle

    do yo have any examples of what your trying to do, cant get my head around it, every face on the geo gets a particle they are the cloth particles, so one particle wouldn't do anything....
  12. Mike Batchelor

    fluids from polygons help please

    hard to really give info until you try it with a mesh. and see how far you get
  13. Mike Batchelor

    control visbility for meshes

    use groups, or swap to a new group on collisions then mesh the new group only.
  14. Mike Batchelor

    fluids from polygons help please

    do you have an animated base mesh your working from?
  15. Mike Batchelor

    Eevee for C4d?

    Hi @Maui Yes Eevee is great but unfortunately it is not under the same open source license as Cycles so third party developers can not use it in commercial products.