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  1. genti

    Recommended Systems

    Hi! I need system recomandation for xparticle, and Cycle. What type of CPU, GPU etc thank's
  2. Hi! How do I switch my license from (PC at home) to another (PC at work?) LIke I do in my maxon account thank's
  3. genti

    x-particle installation

    I did it but it's not working?...any idea thanks xparticle.mp4
  4. genti

    x-particle installation

    Hi! I have put X-Particles_742 to this directory C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\Maxon\Maxon Cinema 4D R22_06E03A84\plugins but can't find x-particle to menu what I am missing? xparticle missing.mp4
  5. hi...any idea how to achive something like this