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  1. russo_95

    R21 support

    I think it doesn't work with the latest build of R21? I was also able to easily load it in R20, but I tried to install it forever on R21.207 and nothing. Did anybody manage to install the CD Tools in the latest version?
  2. Hi, yes after some more investigation and trial and error I guessed that xpCloth doesn't work that way. I have purchased the Syflex plugin now, it really has a performance and look comparable to MD, I am actually quite surprised, judging from their terribly outdated website. I think I will stick with it, as it is computing within C4d and makes it easier for me to have multiple cloth items in a larger scene than in MD. I have always eyeballed Houdini, but the learning curve was a bit too steep for me so I never really got into it. Also switching from MD to Houdini and then back to C4D would be a bit of a pipelone overkill for me 😄 Thanks a lot for your answer, I will no longer try to overstress the xpCloth and I will definitely look at some of that cloth Houdini reels!
  3. Hello, I considered purchasing the Syflex cloth simulation plugin for C4D which is supposedly able to get similar results to Marvelous Designer (which I currently use for cloth sim) - but I don't really want ANOTHER plugin in Cinema. So I was wondering if it was at all possible in X-Particles / xpCloth to simulate clothing that has been designer in MD and brought into C4D (with good results)? I have been playing with the xpCloth settings, but the sim looked awefully bad and more like with Clothilde. I couldn't find any footage or content of xpCloth simulating clothing, all I found was Motion Graphics style cloth. Did anyone do this or simulated more complex clothing in general with xpCloth? Help and experiences would be greatly appreciated
  4. Hello, I have a general question that I can not find any answer to: If using the xpGenerator to clone instances on the particles, what type of baking/data/animation is necessary to make the animation offset work? I have tried Point Cache tag, Alembic, baking in the timeline and rig with joints, but none of these work with the offset function. So basically I have a bunch of birds flapping in unison, no matter what type of animation storage I use. The only result I can achieve is to get the offset on the joints, but in that case the weighted mesh doesn't move along. I have even bought in-depth tutorials on X-Particles, but couldn't find anything there as well. Can anybody explain this matter shortly? I would be really grateful since this funtion was one of the main reasons for me to purchase X-Particles.