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  1. Sorry to ask something so dry, seems like a question that must have been asked a hundred times but I have honestly searched for this but not found much. Can anyone clear up if xP performs better at higher clock rates or more cores? I understand xP is multi threaded so i'm guessing more cores but I just need to check as I have to hire a machine today.. Thanks
  2. Fauna

    Colliders in domains..?

    Hey Lothar, Thanks for this! Yeah I was using collidertag and not having any luck. Ran quick test in a stripped down scene and obviously worked fine. I still don't really have my main scene responding properly but seems to have improved with more subframe . I think it's a just large particle count and PLA animated collider objects that it doesn't like. Will keep plugging away for now, perhaps i'll strip it down and post up a scene file this afternoon - if anyone has a moment to see what i'm doing wrong then would be much appreciated! 😉
  3. Fauna

    Colliders in domains..?

    Hallo, Do colliders not work in domains or am I missing something? ta! 🙂
  4. Heya. Does anyone perhaps have any tips on approaching a marbling type effect? Getting some ok-ish results with a domain, FluidFX and a bit of turbulence then meshing and exporting as a matte for textures.. but I wondered about doing it a bit more accurately with two different densities mixing/repelling/interacting.. Would love to know any thoughts and whether a convincing result is even possible without a super computer. ta