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  1. Unlike your website indicates, PIM does not work in R21 with the bridge. The author of the plugin has confirmed this and for over a month indicated they have not been able to get a response from Insydium. I understand PIM is not a Insydium plugin, I’ll just trying to figure out if this will never work and look for something else. BTW-I’m a customer of both X-Particles and Cycles.
  2. Brucek5

    Explosia Direction SOLVED

    Thanks Mike! I also figured out that I can simulate it vertically, then cahe it, then rotate the Redshift Volume object. This is really cool software. I’ve been playing with putting the emitter in tube and placing a sphere in it to force out like the diameter of the nozzle. It’s like doing stuff in real life!
  3. Brucek5

    Explosia Direction SOLVED

    Is the a way to change Explosia’s direction/orientation or is locked to the laws of physics? There are effects that look like I want, but only if rendered image the default vertical orientation . I want to use the effect on a spaceship rear engine nozzle. I used wind and an attractor which did change the direction horizontally, but lost the cool effect when using it vertically. I direction modifier, but that only changed particles, not explosia.