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  1. Craig Zuckerman

    fluids from polygons help please

    Hi Mike, is it possible for you, or someone, to at least give me advice as to how to proceed, with a simple setup to start with,? thx
  2. Craig Zuckerman

    splineflow alternative

    Hi, I really like the organic results from the helix demo; I'm trying to create the same effect, but in a horizontal fashion; splineflow is nice, but I prefer the more organic nature of the vertical solution. Is it possible to get a hint or two, as to how to proceed? thank you
  3. Craig Zuckerman

    PBD fluid sim

    I did increase the point radius in the VDB solver, but from what I can see so far, a better solution might be using the spline flow, using rotation, etc, thanks
  4. Craig Zuckerman

    PBD fluid sim

    Hi, in your tutorial, you suggest using hexagon or regular emission mode. i am not getting a smooth fluid, ie I do not see anywhere to increase my particle count, can you please tell me how to achieve a smooth fluid effect, as in pouring fluid from a pitcher to a glass? thank you , CZ
  5. Craig Zuckerman

    control visbility for meshes

    I've looked, but to no avail; is it possible to emit/use a mesher, and have the mesh/particles visible only on the collided object;ie, to have "paint" ( as an example) cover a sphere and only have visible the particles/mesher that are covering the sphere and not the particles leaving the emitter, but as they touch the spheere ?, thank you
  6. Craig Zuckerman

    fluids from polygons help please

    thank you, I do not have an animated base mesh. My intention at this point is to try and have a model, to emit fluid from, similar to this sample. I want to render a still at the moment, thanks
  7. Craig Zuckerman

    fluids from polygons help please

    Hello, please see attached. I'm struggling with how to create something like this; after going through the wonderful helix tutorial, I've tried to replicate this with polygons, but I'm not successful. Can someone please direct me to a good solution? thank you, Craig
  8. Craig Zuckerman

    emitter questions please

  9. Craig Zuckerman

    emitter questions please

    Hi, I have some general questions concerning the xpflowfield and xpExplosia FX: what is the limit of particle numbers that can be used, and how much do the number of colliding objects have to do with render time? I know that the number of particle matters, size of particles matters, cell /voxel size in the dynamics matter . I was able to use 500,000 with xpFlowfield and xpExplosia FXdynamics, once, but since then, for a 210 frame sim, Xp freezes; also, please tell me other options for a sim, ie, splashes, water puring in a glass, etc. thank you
  10. Craig Zuckerman

    crown splash rim effect?

    Hi, I've attched an image, maybe Realflow? can this thickness at the rim of the crown be achieved with XP? thank you, Craig
  11. Craig Zuckerman

    emitter freezing

    Hi, after following along Bob's most excellent video for the part one, fluid helix, I was able to replicate it. But when I add some objects with collider tags, my emitter, as well as the caching, freezes up . I've included my file, sans texture, I do hope that this can be resolved, any revelation would be wonderful. Thank you, Craig emitter-freezingc4d.c4d
  12. Craig Zuckerman

    mixing fluids help please

    Thanks Steve, you saved me some time ;))
  13. Craig Zuckerman

    mixing fluids help please

    sorry to seem so dense, but I am looking in the XP tags list, and I do not see the "fluid collider tag" ;(
  14. Craig Zuckerman

    mixing fluids help please

    Thanks again Mike, do I go this way to say, mix a blue fluid with a red fluid,? thank you again
  15. Craig Zuckerman

    mixing fluids help please

    Thank you Mike, Best, Craig