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  1. Rembert

    Cryptomatte With Team Render

    I´ve been told there working on this... But have you remarked the white fringes around obj in cryptomatte? I whish I could use ObjectID. Best to handle (supports tags & tokens). Only I dont know how to comp. Support told me "gotta be this way for nuke". Can someone show me a working node setup in nuke (or better fusion since that´s my tool).
  2. Rembert

    Cryptomatte With Team Render

    What´s more cryptomatte is not able to use c4d tokens which I could use for generating object ID pass. I do have quite some projects where there are lots of takes and names should be generated from them. Also I really miss pixel coverage pass for proper use of cryptomatte...
  3. Hi all I need some spheres to burst and set contained liquid free that spills over a floor. On first collision with a collider object a defined number of spheres need to burst, an second collision a defined number of others. The way I set this up works but gives me less than satisfying performance (bought me a new 3950X but still...). Maybe you got better ideas of how to set up? Here`s what I did - made spheres with mograph -> converted to polys - copied obj. So I get an poly obj "1rst collision" and "2nd collision" - deleted polys accordingly in each obj (e.g. in "1rst collision" delete polys of spheres which should burst in 2nd coll). - 2 XP Emitters each driven by poly obj, emitting in 2 Groups - 2 Colliders each for one group ("first collision" and "2nd collision") - animated those colliders identically and animated on/off to make it look like half of the spheres react to 1rst collision the other half to 2nd - collision changing group to "after collision group" which will be affected/seen by gravity, fluid sim, sheeter, openvdb Works fine. But with poor performance. A stripped down version is attached. Maybe someone might give me his/her opinion? Cheers Rembert XP_Issues.c4d
  4. Rembert

    Sheeter givin me a hard time

    anyone? (sorry for pushin)
  5. Rembert

    Wetmap XP vs C4D

    Anyone? This is quite important for me... Maybe I should have added some big letters and *** words in the title as others here who get read and answered 😞
  6. Rembert

    Multiple GPUs (under win10)

    Sorry, cannot say. But you should not rely on MS task manager. Mine would just not show any workload on my second gpu no matter how hard it rendered. That said MSI Afterburner shows it all. For those of you with ignominious multi GPU (I run GTX 970 with RTX 2070): I found that most of the time rendering my 2070 was idle waiting for the 970 to finish its bucket before starting the next bucket itself. For me the trick was to NOT setting the bucket size as large as possible but really small. With 32x32 my 2070 almost has no waiting idle time anymore. And despite all info out there in the web: even with only one card running smaller bucket sizes gave me performance plus of maybe 7-10% (on both the 970 and 2070). Cheers Rembert
  7. Rembert

    Wetmap XP vs C4D

    Hi all I need to generate a wetmap and really got puzzled when I saw the performance of XP wetmap generation. Could not believe it so I rebuilt with c4d means (XParticle Emitter -> Thinking Particles -> VertexMap "use fields" -> put in TP Group "All"). What can I say, it performs about 10 times faster with quadruple the polygon count (= vertex map resolution). Could I possibly have done anything wrong? Cheers Rembert F+E_Wetmap_XP_vs_c4d.c4d
  8. I am getting faster and slightly better (smoother after filtering) results of a fluidPDB Sim with c4d internal volume mesher. have you guys experienced the same? Thought xparticles stuff to be lots faster then c4d´s own... Cheers Rmbert
  9. Rembert


    Regarding the outer globules: are they spheres that are thrown into an emitter and somehow meshed together? Or is one globule made of vast amounts of fluid particles tweaked so that they form spheres and then connected/meshed with other globules?
  10. Rembert


    Hey there! Your pics really inspire me. Could you talk a little about how it is made? Would like to try and recreate that... Cheers Rembert
  11. Rembert

    Sheeter givin me a hard time

    Hello all I am doing my first job with xparticles and unfortunately run into problems I cannot solve. It´s seems not possible to get the sheeter to generate particles in a sensible way. What I want to achieve is the fluid sim as set but the holes beeing filled by the sheeter. When I play with the seetings either I see nothing or huge quantities of particles and the sim looking very different from what is was before enabling the sheeter (spent almost a day trying). Quite often c4d freezes when I set a parameter only a little to high... So how do you guys approach such a situation? Cheers Rembert sheeter_trouble.c4d