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  1. Thank you... this is perfect!
  2. Hey, Would like to have xptrails draw at a certain frame but not straight away or draw when the emitter collides with the floor. I've tried animating the trail length at a certain frame but that doesn't work. What I'm after is when the emitter hits the ground, I would like the trails to then be visible so I can use the xpskinner to draw them only on the collision or at a certain frame. At the moment it draws all the way along as it falls. Any ideas? Splat.c4d
  3. Sonofagunn74

    My dynamic object (pushed by fluids) not moving when rendering

    Thanks! It worked! I thought I tried that. Though I was trying it on another scene and that didn't work BUT I was using a parent Constraint and I think the level of order was wrong. This now works! Thank you Lothar!
  4. Sonofagunn74

    My dynamic object (pushed by fluids) not moving when rendering

    And here's the c4d file: test.c4d
  5. Hi Whenever I hit render the dynamic object won't move. The fluid hits the object in the preview window and everything works fine! As soon as I render the object stays still. I've cached but that doesn't work also. Any ideas? Thanks! Correct.mp4 Rendered.mp4