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  1. I use the xp painter to paint out offensive particles from my cache. The xp painter requires you to select an emitter. I have two seperate systems and caches that i wish to paint particles out from but i cant work out if i can have multiple instances of xp painter using different emitters to paint out particles from birth on two seperate caches. hope that makes sense?????? Thanks
  2. Hi thnaks just got xp4 and looking to use the new force function in the rotator but cant figure this out. Please look at the attached file as hopefully my question will make more sense Basically i am making the camera move through a particle tunnel whilst the camera is actually still. I am controlling the speed by clamping max speed in the speed modifier. This seems to work well. In 3.5 the force option on the rotator didn't exist so to add turbulence i tried using marios wind twister setup from which i got some ok results but could't get exactly what i wanted. I was hoping in XP4 i could achieve some turbulence using the force option in the rotator. My main problem is i want to stop the cylinder shape flaring out in force mode (like example 3 and 4) I am guessing it's centrifugal force Ideally i like to achieve the shape in example 1 Keep functionality working like example 2 whilst having controlof a small amount tubulence Hope this makes sense please let me know if i can clarify anything Thanks in advance for any advice simplified_v1.c4d
  3. solved my issue with second attempt with the fanrig. thanks
  4. There is a wealth of knnowledge in your old forum content. Is there archive for that somewhere? many thanks