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  1. incase anyone cares, tech support told me its not currently possible. feature request for next update maybe.
  2. Hi. Im trying to use the painter tool to lay down particles on a terrain object. The particles will the be used as points to instance grass, trees, etc. I would like the particles to pickup the texture color of the object they are being applied to, but I cant seem to get this to work. This is kinda key to my workflow as i have the color of the instances being driven by the particle color. I've tried using an xpColor after the particles have been painted down, setting its mode to texture, and feeding it the material with the texture color. It kinda works, but it seems to just sample randomly from the entire texture, and not use it in a UV sense where it samples the color directly where its sitting. I also tried dropping the terrain object into the emitter that was created by xpPainter, setting it to use texture, rewinding, then going forward a frame, and hoping it would pick up the color that way, but again, it doesnt work. Im trying to get around having to manually paint emission maps as its much more intuitive to just be able to use the xpPaint tool to spray down a few extra particles here and there, rather than having to go to an external paint program, paint a map/modify a map, go back into c4d, rebirth the particles, and see if the changes were what was needed, then do the whole process over again until you get the particles where you want them. Hopefully someone has an answer for this. Thanks!
  3. Is there any way to get motion vectors working with cached meshes for use with post motion blur? since there is no actual motion going on, im guessing why the vectors pass shows up blank. any work arounds? (rendering with redshift)
  4. wow, that does indeed work! thanks lothar!
  5. ok. so again... its basically not possible? I briefly tried a little setup where TP emitter went into a Matrix Obj. Matrix went into a Cloner. XP Emitter was set to Object mode, using the cloner, and then i set '1 particle per source element' as well as 'stick particle to source'. The thinking there was i could stick an XP particle to each clone position and it would move with the clones since stick was checked. This didnt work though as i got multiple particles and they didnt stick, haha.... so not sure why it seemed to completely ignore those 2 check boxes. If you're curious i attached an r19 scene file. Any other work around ideas similar to this that might work? stick to source.c4d
  6. Thanks Lothar... so short answer, no easy solution. I did poke around in the Xpresso nodes, but ive never been huge on Xpresso, and iv NEVER touched the TP nodes... so i have no idea what im trying to hook up. XP objects also have very few Xpresso options from what I saw.
  7. I have a TP emitter/group i would like to cache using the XP Cache, so I can make use of its time scale function and realy slow the particles down. Is there some Xpresso magic (or some other technique) that will allow me to connect the Thinking Particles to an XP Emitter so the emitter will just match what the TPs are doing? Then I could cache the XP Emitter.
  8. Eikon

    Fluids along spline

    thanks @bentraje. i defintely did try a flowfield at one point with the settings you mentioned, but it wasnt working for me. i dont recall what wasnt working about the result, but obviously i moved on to look for a better solution. this isnt bad though, so maybe i will tweak this scene a bit more and see if it gets closer. the one big issue i noticed is the tendency for the particles to simply pile up on the collision object, rather than bounce off and fly past. now the next question is how to get the cylinder to interact with the particles. i added an XP dynamics tag to it, add a xpConstraints dynamics, and let it fall into the particle stream. the particles push the cylinder, but they do not seem to bounce off its surface as effectively as having the cylinder be a passive XPCollider. And despite setting the mass of the cylinder very high, the particles still push around like its very light. I left both cylinders in the scene to illustrate the different collision behaviours. new scene attached. splineFlow_test_bt_revised.c4d
  9. Eikon

    Fluids along spline

    sure. the emitter is emitting a low # of particles just to keep things faster. as you can see, its not realy following the path, and no matter how much i adjust the various splineFlow settings, it doesnt match nearly as well as the RealFlow example above. splineFlow_test.c4d
  10. Eikon

    Fluids along spline

    Sorry, my bad... Realflow, not houdini... but the question is the same.
  11. Eikon

    Fluids along spline

    I was trying to do something similar to the Liquid Helix video posted a while back. I started on my own and tried a Follow Spline, a Flow Field, and a SplineFlow. None of them worked as expected. I then came across this video done in Houdini... ...and while he does poke about quite a bit, the results seem to work almost immediately. This appears to be very similar to the SplineFlow modifier. Does anyone have some tips on how to get this working in XP? Because whenever i use a PBD or FX, i get drops/clumps with the default settings, not a nice column of fluid. No matter how much i fight with the settings, it does not work as expected. Any tips, or shared scene files, would be great. Thanks!