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  1. hiadammarshall

    XP Trails and Sweep Splines are jittery

    I tried playing around with a few more parameters. In here, you can see that I have two emitters, one for the trail, one for the text object. The only moving object is the trail, where it will continually pull out as the text object is stuck on birth and fixed. It seems it only seems to flicker at the very beginning of the animation, and I still can't figure out why. If you let the animation run for any number of frames afterwards, it seems fine and as intended. Is there something i'm still missing with this setup? I also added a turbulence modifier and that seems to solve the problem once the strength goes above 5. I'm not sure what this tells us, but I'm still uncertain if it's the setup, the sweep effector, or one of the trail / generator objects not interacting in the way I wish. 2020-06-17 x-particles Typography Play.c4d
  2. hiadammarshall

    XP Trails and Sweep Splines are jittery

    This is awesome, thanks for the explanation, that makes sense. Your project helps a lot, but i would need a lot of the sprites appearing at a constant rate from birth with the thickness increasing based on particle age / distance, rather than all at once. By the look of this setup, when they spawn in after the initial shot, they appear at full length. It could be possible to set up multiple instances but then creating the natural and random look I would need would start to need a lot of manual adjustments of values across the project. I feel like I may need to figure out a new way to spawn these in this case. Thanks for your help!
  3. hiadammarshall

    XP Trails and Sweep Splines are jittery

    Hey Steve, Cheers for the update. Added scene here. 2020-06-17 x-particles Typography Play.c4d
  4. Hello everyone. I'm doing some experimental generator work where I have a particle generate a simple straight line trail from the emitter. I have a sweep effector run through a text object, so that the trail is used in the sweep to extrude out the letter from the source. For some reason, some particles jitter heavily and I can't seem to figure out why. I've attached a test render to showcase this. I've tried many things, it feels like it something to do with the particle randomly rotating even though it has restricted movement, or something i'm missing in the setup with how the text object direction is being generated. I've tried several different setups that seem to emit correctly but there's still random jitters. Does anyone have an idea of why this might be? test render.mp4
  5. hiadammarshall

    xpOVDBMesher polygons

    Thank you, I appreciate the support 🙂 I will try this. My alternative workaround was to just scale the whole scene up, but that introduces a lot more workflow issues. However, i'm sure the smoothing will do the trick!
  6. hiadammarshall

    xpOVDBMesher polygons

    Hey there, i'm working on a simulation using some extreme closeups of the meshes created with the OVDBMesher system. I've been running into issues with the polygons being highly visible at 100% scale in some of my renders. I've tried subdividing with effectors and using filters in the filter tab to try reduce this but it either removes the sharp edges I want to maintain with the mesh, turning it into a sheet rather than individual 'spheres', or does nothing at all to the mesh, and just flattens it. I've included a screenshot of the issue. Is there something i'm missing which can improve the quality of the mesh itself, or a way to smooth the mesh out?
  7. Hey all, I have an animation over 150 frames that's fully baked and imported into my scene being generated as a particle. The offset works to make the animation randomly start at generation from different intervals, however, after a few hundred frames, the animations all weirdly sync up. I have no idea what's causing this. I've set the special track to 'offset repeat' as well on the keyframe loop to see if this would help, but it does nothing. Does anyone know what might cause animations with random offset to all sync after a random amount of time? There's thousands of particles that start different and by the 400th frame, they all sync and then stop playing.
  8. Hi there, I'm currently working on a series of flight and flocking simulations using x-particles and octane. There's an emitter connected to a generator which has a bird animation (300+frames) with the wings flapping up and down. I have the animation set to offset randomly so we get a different start point for each flight of each bird. I've tried going about this two ways- the first was to make the birds using several shapes. A bad modelling practice as it was essentially several cubes, with two acting as wings, all held under one null. The issue I had with this was the birds wouldn't render with motion blur through octane at all. Additionally, the model looks odd with the wings clipping due to again- it not being rigged. The second option was to rig the bird mesh and animate the joints so the bird was one object, but the issue now is as soon as the birds are put into the generator, the mesh becomes static and only the rigged joints are animated. Is there something i'm missing here? Can anyone else think of a better workflow method that I'm missing here if this is the wrong way to go about generating lots of different animated models? I included some screenshots for examples. Cheers, Adam