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  1. ariexietrotiv

    Fluids along spline

    Can you post a scene file ?
  2. ariexietrotiv

    xpDynamics and ExplosiaFX Collision

    I'll try to find time to explore that subject. Tell me if you are making any progress.
  3. ariexietrotiv

    xpDynamics and ExplosiaFX Collision

    Do the exact same system no?
  4. ariexietrotiv

    xpDynamics and ExplosiaFX Collision

    That's why I was saying to create smaller internal colliders - It may work.
  5. ariexietrotiv

    xpDynamics and ExplosiaFX Collision

    Don't know if this will work but inside those emitted squares, try to create smaller internal objects (like other squares for example) that will only be used as colliders.
  6. ariexietrotiv

    xpDynamics and ExplosiaFX Collision

    Pressure Pressure will in effect push the fluid away from the collider object (note that sometimes this has to be of very high value and you may need to increase the 'Max Pressure Iter' value in the simulation tab). http://docs.x-particles.net/html/efxcollidertag.php
  7. ariexietrotiv

    xpDynamics and ExplosiaFX Collision

    Did you tried to increase the pressure? Do you need those two?
  8. I don't think that makes a huge difference honestly. If they have changed it probably is for the best.
  9. Have played around with data mapping? Perhaps what you are searching for is there.
  10. ariexietrotiv

    Trail thickness variation in geo

    I wanted to make that change in the geo, not in the render or through a shader.
  11. ariexietrotiv

    Porous surface modeling help

    did you tried the xpOVDBMesher? https://insydium.ltd/support/video-manuals/x-particles-video-manual/generators/xpopenvdb/
  12. ariexietrotiv

    Where is "xpSplineFlow Handle"?

    Probably you have seen this but it's the best explanation for any possible doubt: https://insydium.ltd/support/video-manuals/x-particles-video-manual/modifiers/motion/xpsplineflow-modifier/
  13. Good morning everyone. I was wondering if it's possible to create a variation on the thickness of a trail, like in the image I'm attaching, but in the geometry it self. Basically an individual control - a variation on the thickness but in the geo not in the render. I've played around with xpTendril and SplineMesher but I didn't get the results that I was searching. The solution that comes to my mind is to have multiple emitters + spline mesher + trails.
  14. ariexietrotiv

    Emit "Fluids" from "Particles"

    The radius of the particles will also help. Check this tutorial:
  15. ariexietrotiv

    Emit "Fluids" from "Particles"

    I'm not totally understanding your doubts. Just add the xpEFX Sourse Tag to any element you wish.