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  1. ariexietrotiv

    Dynamic Trails on surface

    Could you post some of your tests?
  2. ariexietrotiv

    Emit from Animated Texture

    I came up with a solution hope it fits you. I left the offsets, the lengths, the tiles and the repetitions on their default value. Honestly I don't know if I can control the emission of particles when messing in those parameters. Hope someone here can say something about it. I created two animations - one for the emition (b&w) to restrict it and another in the color channel so you could see how it could propagate. What I recommend it's to create a small .mov file with an animated texture with the effect that you are looking for, instead of messing in the offsets or the lengths. Hope it helped. Regards Alembic_texture_Emit_0003.c4d
  3. ariexietrotiv

    Emit cloth objects SOLVED

    See if this helps you.
  4. ariexietrotiv

    Wow, xpSplash!

    If they are going to be available they will be here. https://insydium.ltd/community/content-repository/ Cheers
  5. ariexietrotiv

    Getting xpFollowSpline to follow exactly SOLVED

    Cool explanation. I didn't thought about that. Thanks @Lothar
  6. ariexietrotiv

    Getting xpFollowSpline to follow exactly SOLVED

    Check under object the spline tab. Perhaps that can help. It's better to post the file when asking for help. Regards
  7. ariexietrotiv

    Xplosia Shockwave like Mario at FMX

    Have you checked the files in the content repository? You will find one file that talks about the scale of the sim
  8. In the xpSystem Object - Object tab under General you have these two options: Only Modifiers in Same system; Only Deformers in Same system; Besides these two you can always include and exclude inside the emitters but if you have several systems the first it's the best and quickest option, depending on your needs. Cheers
  9. ariexietrotiv

    Open VDB Mesher filters SOLVED

    Check these: https://insydium.ltd/support/video-manuals/x-particles-video-manual/generators/xpopenvdb/#1309 https://greyscalegorilla.com/x-particles/ https://www.lynda.com/CINEMA-4D-tutorials/X-Particles-4-Cinema-4D-Essential-Training/661803-2.html
  10. ariexietrotiv

    VM maker on cloner

    Don't know if this will help you but perhaps to start some testing. Never tried but it's a good question, if I have the time i'll try to see if thats possible.
  11. ariexietrotiv

    Xpcache bug

    Perhaps any type of conflict with another software but I'm not the most competent person on that matter to say that the problem might be that. Try to send it to bug report to see what they might tell you.
  12. ariexietrotiv

    Xpcache bug

    My machine is quite simple at the moment. I've tested the cache compressed and uncompressed. The cache is made to the SSD disk.
  13. ariexietrotiv

    Xpcache bug

    I tested your scene and everything looks ok.
  14. ariexietrotiv

    Rendering with cache vs without cache

    In the meantime I'll send this scene file to the tech support to check this. I said I would do it right away but it seems I don't have time to do it right now. I'll test that option with the standard rendering as soon as I can. Thanks Myke. PS: Sorry for this message but I wasn't able to edit the above one, don't know why.
  15. ariexietrotiv

    Rendering with cache vs without cache

    I'll do a test right now to check it.