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  1. ariexietrotiv

    Noisy Extruder Styles

    I reached an interesting result so I'm going to share the file in case someone has the same doubt. It's nothing special but hope it can help. Cheers XP_3_5_NOISY_EXTRUDER_STYLES_003.c4d
  2. ariexietrotiv

    Noisy Extruder Styles

    Hello everyone. I've posted this question on the discord channel so I'm sorry if I shouldn't duplicate questions. I was trying to replicate this tutorial (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1-BBi4TGQM&ab_channel=FXHIVEEVOLUTION) in R20 but I'm not being able to create the same effect using fields. The part that I'm having difficulties is when I'm trying to use two scale modifiers (in & out) with the xpnoisefalloff. I've been thinking if the problem is regarding the shape option that in R19 we have. Because it's ray of action is defined by the vibrate tag and since in the R20 we don't have the option of defining a shape, perhaps the problem is in that. Just saying. Cheers and thanks in advance. XP_3_5_NOISY_EXTRUDER_STYLES_001.c4d
  3. ariexietrotiv

    XP Materials - xpTrail Size

    Thank you. It was quite an obvious one. Cheers
  4. Hello everyone. I'm very new to XP so I'm sorry if this questions seems very dumb. I have an xpTrail with an XP Material and my objective it's to increase its size (thickness) in the material when rendering. When I scale the size in the XP Material nothing happens. Any particular reason? I've added the XP Material to the emitter and when I increase the size it works so I'm thinking that probably i'm doing something wrong. Thanks in advance. Regards