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  1. I want to have a flag in the wind. So i create a Plane, make it editable select points and pin them constraint, tab advanced. A bit of gravity, that's it. Based on doc the constraint collision should fix that issue. Any idea what I missed Thank you xpcloth_test.c4d
  2. I there a cache expert around I've a scene which I have cached; let's say 200 frames. Now I would like to extend my scene 30 frames. No problem I though. Extend the scene and click continue when the cache window pop-up. No way. The frame 201 is like an explosion of particles. Same behaviour if I stoped in middle of a caching and restart to finish. Did I miss something. Is it intended to work and by the way. Any idea how to cache xpDynamics. I was not able to 😞 Thank you
  3. can someone from Insydium answer the question...please