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  1. just checking to see if anything will be available any time soon. I'm really hoping the displacement bug on mac gets fixed soon so I can actually use cycles.
  2. tiCreativeMedia

    STR not found after C4D restart

    I just reinstalled, went through the entire security process on mac and it's still not found.
  3. Hi I'm using the trial version of X-Particles, as I'm starting a job on Tuesday that will be using this plugin. First install worked fine. I did leave a test project open overnight and all my CPU lights were running, fan was going and it had pinned my machine. I restarted and now recieve an error, saying the plugins are not found. I looked in the plugins folder, and they are definitely still there. I've restarted C4D a few times, but can not get X-Particles to run. Is there a fix for this? Thanks Dave