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  1. Ollie Hooper

    XpOVDBMesher crashing on PC

    This is the message i get each time.
  2. I've been trying to use the XpOVDBMesher , but every time I place the Emitter into the source it crashes. I've tried it on a simple set up and still the same thing every time. I opened the same file on my Mac and it works fine?! I've deleted X-Partcles from C4d Pref / Plugins folder. Reset the PC and reinstalled. Still the same thing? I'm on r21, latest build of X-Particles. Thanks!
  3. Ollie Hooper

    Weighting cloth SOLVED

    Amazing, that's it. Thanks so much, Mike!! 👊
  4. Ollie Hooper

    Weighting cloth SOLVED

    Hi guys, I've created a room with large hanging curtains. Everything is set up and working okay, but I was wondering if there was a way I could control how much of the cloth gets blown about. Ideally, I want more of the bottom to move rather than the whole cloth. I tried using the Dampen but that affects the whole thing and it ends up moving around like cardboard. I'm using X-Particles 4 on c4d. Many thanks for any guidance.