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  1. is this possible? Lets say i have an object that emits particles on the surface. And I animate that object with deformers. How do I make the particles stay on that surface?
  2. Here you can see there are three large "jumps" or "jitters". Specifically if you look towards the lower back of the animation. (sorry low quality render) I want to fix this jitter before I ship it off to a render farm! Any guidance on how to smooth out these three big jumps? I already have filters on the OVDB Mesher, including Gaussian blur leaf-splash-22_1_[0000-0123] assemble.mp4
  3. andre

    Xparticles - CrowdSim & a quick thank you!

    Do you have any insights into how you achieved this? Or relevant tutorials?
  4. Are there other things I should adjust other than Voxel size? Or is smoke resolution solely determined by voxel size? For reference I am Caching out my ExplosiaFX to VDB so I can render via Redshift. Any relevant links or tutorials are very much welcomed. I have googled and check all of the manuals, and I can only find "noise in smoke renders" but not "blocky smoke"
  5. andre

    High Fidelity Smoke - Display Tab?

    I would like to know the same thing. All of my smoke renders look blocky. Even going as low as .9 voxel size!