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  1. Here you can see there are three large "jumps" or "jitters". Specifically if you look towards the lower back of the animation. (sorry low quality render) I want to fix this jitter before I ship it off to a render farm! Any guidance on how to smooth out these three big jumps? I already have filters on the OVDB Mesher, including Gaussian blur leaf-splash-22_1_[0000-0123] assemble.mp4
  2. andre

    Xparticles - CrowdSim & a quick thank you!

    Do you have any insights into how you achieved this? Or relevant tutorials?
  3. Are there other things I should adjust other than Voxel size? Or is smoke resolution solely determined by voxel size? For reference I am Caching out my ExplosiaFX to VDB so I can render via Redshift. Any relevant links or tutorials are very much welcomed. I have googled and check all of the manuals, and I can only find "noise in smoke renders" but not "blocky smoke"
  4. andre

    High Fidelity Smoke - Display Tab?

    I would like to know the same thing. All of my smoke renders look blocky. Even going as low as .9 voxel size!