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  1. Hi All, I can't make my cubes generated by xpgenerator collide with smoke. Here's my setup: From bottom to top: - Sphere is used to generate smoke - XpExplosiaFX generates smoke. (visible, looking good, etc) - Xpemitter is placed near smoke, shoots particles towards smoke (particles go through visible smoke) - XpGenerator makes particles be Cubes - Cubes visible, they have volume, many vertices, etc. - XpExplosiaFX Collider set to solid, pressure: 10, VelocityMult: 100%. Tried putting this tag to cube, xpemitter, etc. But nothing: what I see is that the cubes and smoke ignore each other. Is this a limitation or a bug or am I doing something wrong? Thanks!
  2. AttilaKristo

    Multiple GPUs (under win10)

    Thanks for taking the time to reply and for sharing your tips! Very helpful and much appreciated. 🤘
  3. Hi All, The other day I tried to render with 2 gpus in my workstation, both being an nvidia GTX1050ti. My win10 discovered both, it was listed in various system info and also in the task manager as being available with the right drivers. However during cycles4d's realtime preview and during final render (with cycles4d engine of course), only one of the GPUs were utilized, the other card (which was the additional card) was idle. Did I miss to set up something or is there a special setting I should set either in windows or in c4d or in cycles? Couldn't find anything upon searching. Thanks so much in advance for any replies! Attila
  4. AttilaKristo

    [Material] Fresnel input node falloff

    Dave, thanks for your quick reply and for the tip, great solution; works nicely!
  5. Hi there, My first post here. 🙂 I see the Fresnel material has an IOR settings and that's all there is to it basically. This looks like this with an ior of 0.57, that is, very sharp/constrasty : However, I'd like something smooth like this, which I can do with the built-in c4d falloff shader, which is nice and smooth (due to its customizable gradient): Is there a way to have this level of customization for the falloff (or fresnel) gradient with Cycles4d? If so, how can it be achieved? Thanks in advance for any help!