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  1. andysill

    X-Particles Windflow pattern problem

    After 2 late nights, I finally figured it out. https://imgur.com/a/jNFt8PX Avoid Modifier & XP Domain. Mess with settings in xp domain (depending on scale of scene)
  2. andysill

    R21 Install not working

    I remember R21 had issues with plugins. I use R19 and it works fine but I havent upgraded yet because of that issue.
  3. Hey guys! Been at this for about 2 days and the project is due soon! I can't get a flowy pattern for my wind streaks, I'm trying everything in the collider tag but everything seems to come out jenky. I cant attach the c4d file because its a map of hong kong. haha But I have attached every possible picture that would be able to tweak in this particular instance. Thanks so much!