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  1. Hi, Noticed a new exciting update build 724 is out. Can I run this build offline for 30 days ? Early access wouldn't allow me to do this, which is fine. Hoping this will. Cheers.
  2. Hi, I just updated to early access & unchecked Close License Seat On Exit in C4D Prefs but getting ' serial number cannot be verified as no internet ' Normal this allows me to use XP without internet for 30 days. Is this not possible when using early access build ?
  3. Any idea how I get thickness variation here. I've set variation within xptrail but it looks like splinemesher doesn't read this info ? Any help would be great. Cheers
  4. acf

    Explosia from Emitter

    Is it possible to use an emitter to spawn explosia fx ? I see a lot of tutorials that use an object ( sphere ) but I would like to use an emitter as the source and create little puffs of smoke using pulse or shot. Is this possible ?