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  1. Bucktooth_Raven

    Camera Projection

    Hello, I just set up a photo to 3D by using projection man and doing a camera projection to some simple geometry. How would I now go about using Cycles 4D for rendering? Thnx, /R
  2. Hey Cycles users. I checked on motion blur in the render settings and then unchecked the all objects box. I added a cycles object tag to the objects I do want to have blur but motion blur still affects the whole scene. Is this a glitch or am I not quite doing something right? Thnx. /B
  3. Bucktooth_Raven

    Link Cy4D with xPresso

    Hello forum, I like making little XPresso rigs to speed up workflow. Right now I'm trying to make an infinite floor rig. I'm trying to put a colour picker on the user data applied to my rig null. I then use xpresso to drive the object colour of my floor disk, and then use a cy4d attribute tag to change cycles material applied to the floor through attribute node. The problem I'm having is the set up I have for cy environment. I can figure out how to do two things. 1. have a link field on my rig user date to drop in an HDR image 2. Link the colour on the user data to drive the environment BG colour. I attached a file to take a look at. The BG material is set up based off a post I found on doing a split bg. The first set of nodes loads a HDR image to light the scene but then the second node cluster is the background colour. On the environment node I want to use a colour instead of an image. Its this colour info I want to get to through my xpresso. Hope I explained this well enough. Thnx. -- dang it, I see zip files not accepted. The C4D file will have a missing texture image link then as an FYI Infinite_Background.c4d
  4. Bucktooth_Raven

    Cache Cloth within a Connect Object SOLVED

    I found that the tutorial on strange attractors cloth simulation explains this process. Export out an alembic file and merge it back into your scene. At around the 50 minute mark its explained how to bake the cloth sim. Thnx for a great tut 😉
  5. Bucktooth_Raven

    Cache Cloth within a Connect Object SOLVED

    Hey there, I'm trying to cache a cloth simulation but doesn't seem to be working out. The cached xpEmitter particles don't move the points on the Ribbon planes. Thnx. /BTR