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  1. Anyone else lost the Alpha Gradient check box from the Color Ramp node? I cannot find it since moving to the Early Access update.
  2. Dwarf

    Renaming sockets

    Hi Mohamed. Reading the guidance suggests I should be able to rename the sockets on the node groups. But I cannot find any way to do that. I've right clicked on the sockets etc and cannot see any option to do anything except rename the node group itself. Do you mean the title of the nodes or the names of the sockets? I'm also looking for a way to delete sockets that I've added by mistake as the menus allow me to add new sockets but there's no option to delete them. I'm using the early release version of cycles if that changes anything.
  3. Dwarf

    Renaming sockets

    Is it possible to change the names of the sockets on the nodes in Cycles 4D? Been watching a Blender tutorial and I cannot figure out how to do it in Cycles 4D. But this would make it much easier to work out what's happening with materials, especially a couple of months after creating them.