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  1. Well... Sorry. It was my first project with xpPainter: i didn't see the xpPainter particles lifetime settings. It was set by default to 3 sec. That's the reason. Well, thank you Matteo. you're welcome, Matteo! 🤦‍♂️😅
  2. I also tried to move the first emitter inside the xpSystem (it wasn't as it has been created by xpPainter)... Nothing changed.
  3. Hi. I'm using xpPainter and xpSprite to draw little points of light in a dark landscape. I want to add other lights growing up using a second emitter and Trails. When the second emitter starts, the previous painted particles disappear both in the renderView and in the ViewPort, as you can see in the screen recording attached. I'm using Cinema 4d R21.026 and Redshift renderer v. 2.6.49 Please help!! I really can't understand why it is happening. Thank you. Here is the project file: xpPainter problem - screen recording.mp4