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  1. andredeyoung

    loop animated textures

    thanks for the reply. Animated textures work fine, but I miss a way to controll the playback within the shader. Say if you want a short animation to loop, rather than render out a long looped video and use this.
  2. andredeyoung

    loop animated textures

    Hi, anyone know a way to loop/pingpong and or set spesific frames for animated textures in Cycles?
  3. Are u asking about particle collisions? the generator is only for making a renderable mesh. Same with octane tag. The octane tag for making geometry is much faster in the viewport than the generator since its making the geometry at rendertime i think. It looks like the collisions is only done with the particle spheres, so there is lots of intersection going on, but you get very cool movements from the xpdomain water sim.
  4. andredeyoung

    xp worm setup

    check out c4d project in xp comunity uploads

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  5. Hey, here is a xp setup im experimenting with, please share if you do something cool with it. Iv shared a video on IG; https://www.instagram.com/andredeyoung/ and will upload a video on INSYDIUM ONLINE too. /Andre XP_worms_setup_01.c4d