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  1. Hey guys, got a question about using the mesh deformer on an obeject referring to an OpenVDB mesher. This doesn't work because it isn't a polygonal object ofcourse. I tried exporting it to an alembic file but also the alembic file when imported is not a polygonal obect. Doing this workaround doesn't work either; it breaks my mesh: https://vimeo.com/78684377 Does anyone know another way to get this working? How do I convert an OpenVDB mesh to a polygonal object with it's point animation intact? I want to deform an object based on the deformation of my meshed X-particle sim, download the setup here: https://wetransfer.com/downloads/ed5647fb98a258f61b58e1b0e5c21a6920191106164040/29946b041030782bb8b5ec577a0b454720191106164040/a40a0b