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  1. krustylicious

    Track particles to video subject

    look at motion tracker, which will give you a series of nulls that you can use
  2. krustylicious

    Two expolisaFX in the same scene

    it works in cycles 4d and redshift. if Octane can read object data then its doable in that
  3. krustylicious

    How to remove whisps

    dissipation and dispersion helps too
  4. krustylicious

    2 Explosia Effects Possible

    Change the settings in the explosia source. I've not included any render setup. Here's two extremes pressure baby.c4d
  5. One of my test files from last year, it has really bad lighting but it has 3 emitters with each with a different colour coloured smoke test.c4d
  6. krustylicious

    ExplosiaFX missing sub steps

    use "Motion Gap Fill"
  7. krustylicious

    Use xpcache data without recalculation

    create your scene, Add a single xp cache object, run the sim for a couple of frames and cancel. That add the cache tags to all the objects in scene that need caching. so to cache the liquid first. Disable xpfoam cache and object and then run the sim. Once you are happy, then enable xpfoam and cache but go into the liquid object and click on lock cache. Before you used to need multiple xp caches
  8. krustylicious

    cant cancel Caching

    always do a low res version before committing to a final hi res version. I'm not sure if its an c4d issue or xparticles, that the dialog button becomes unresposive. I suspect the former. I'm not sure if insydium have binded a key to the cancel function - since that is far more responsive.
  9. krustylicious

    Cache resets the simulation (or itself)

    I've seen this with very high memory usages ......... Not sure how to replicate it..
  10. krustylicious

    cant cancel Caching

    For longer and larger sims its nearly impossible to cancel the caching. The workflow is to save the file before cache and any other files open. and then cache the sim and if you need to cancel just quite c4d in taskmanager. You can always restart the cache at the next frame.
  11. krustylicious

    The parameter of C4D Generator in R21 is invalid

    I'm confused as to what what you mean by different modes
  12. I wanted to spit out a rather large (100 to 200) amount of proxies via the cloner and use dynamics to play with them, except it sits on frame zero when rendering. This happens with cached and non cached scenes. i have a work around by using an emitter with an rs object tag set to custom objects but its a tad clunky . I'm currently not sure if its a bug or an unintentional missed item
  13. krustylicious

    xpDynamics simulation not rendering

    Hi, no I hadn't
  14. krustylicious

    Realistic fire Explosia Fx

    Which renderer are you using?
  15. krustylicious

    Work on mac, render on PC?

    i may try this later - won't be today though