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  1. quick scene setup with the cyEnvironment object and the hdr image hidden .
  2. Where did you uncheck the camera, in the cyEnvironment or cyObject?
  3. That is the correct functionality of early access
  4. krustylicious

    1080ti VS 2080ti

    Sorry to bring back an older thread but it should help some of those with a TR system Regarding the TR/Epyc processors issue, its only affecting core count above 16. The partial workaround is at Extremetech
  5. krustylicious


    more here https://lesterbanks.com/2018/11/cryptomattes-workflow-ae/
  6. krustylicious

    Pc opencl on v 294 crashing C4d r20

    Hi Mohamed, it was crashing on the Radeon 19.1.2 drivers. 19.2.1 resolved the crashing. Now i have blank images after render (the tiles disappear after being rendered). Blender 2.80 beta renders the bmw gpu blend file fine! machine specs (never enough speed of course) Ryzen 2700x win10 1809 C4D r20.030 xp4 cycles 274.
  7. Crashing on supported and experimental settings. Has opencl been completely depreciated on pc too ?
  8. Hi when using a xp cloth object with a cycles 4d material (thus cycles 4d render), with the real time window, its fine but rendered to the picture viewer its flat What am i doing wrong, notes using cycles 4d early access v270 and the standard v247 is also doing the same thing test file is the xp_cyc4d_clothfx_burning_infection sample file using cpu render