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  1. I wanted to spit out a rather large (100 to 200) amount of proxies via the cloner and use dynamics to play with them, except it sits on frame zero when rendering. This happens with cached and non cached scenes. i have a work around by using an emitter with an rs object tag set to custom objects but its a tad clunky . I'm currently not sure if its a bug or an unintentional missed item
  2. krustylicious

    xpDynamics simulation not rendering

    Hi, no I hadn't
  3. krustylicious

    Realistic fire Explosia Fx

    Which renderer are you using?
  4. krustylicious

    Work on mac, render on PC?

    i may try this later - won't be today though
  5. krustylicious

    Work on mac, render on PC?

    Use Team render and add a cycles4d render node (now unlimited) on the pc.
  6. krustylicious

    Cycles 4d v500 not showing in menu

    Fixed: if after doing an automatic update to v500 its not installed then go to your account area and download the zip and copy into your plugins folder
  7. Hi, I just updated to v500, active maintenance but no menu item after c4d restart
  8. krustylicious

    Multiple GPUs (under win10)

    In the render settings under devices have you got both cards selected ?
  9. krustylicious

    All of my smoke attempts have turned out very blocky

    Apparently there is some movement now on that - so its a case of waiting for it to land. I assume it will work the same way as tfd works in a rs volume
  10. krustylicious

    Limit xpInfectio Influence?

    With 3d typically theres about 10 different ways of doing the same thing but the curve ball is sometimes how you think logically it should be done, isn't actually the way it should be done.
  11. krustylicious

    Limit xpInfectio Influence?

    a Linear field will do the trick. limit_infectio - use fields.c4d
  12. krustylicious

    Animated XP-Shatter

    What tags have you put on the ball?
  13. krustylicious

    X-Particles Updates

    it should reside in C:\Users\your username\AppData\Roaming\MAXON\plugins folder or a seperate thats added to the paths section in preferences. Using the program files plugin folder can lead to permission issues. so basically move it from C:\Program Files\Maxon Cinema 4D R21\plugins to C:\Users\your username\AppData\Roaming\MAXON\plugins then try the update
  14. krustylicious

    Trying to locate a particular tutorial

    Thank you, it wasn't actually that one, but with no sound on and quickly looking at the video, it may help, as what i wanted to do is reusable. If i'm stuck i will post a sample project.
  15. krustylicious

    xpDynamics simulation not rendering

    Thanks lothar for a workaround for this, I've suffered this today(yesterday). The other workaround would be to write a script that updates the viewport and then render that frame individual. As the viewport does get updated but the renderer doesn't get the same information for the position of the xpdynamics object. I'm hoping somebody has reported this as a bug and that the next early release will squish this rather annoying bug