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  1. krustylicious

    White Specks on Render

    The white specs on the meshed object are specular highlights (unless i'm missing something)
  2. krustylicious

    Why Won't This Render?

    Teknow is using r19. Whilst his scene works in r20, without caching the scene, it is not true in r19. When you don't cache you get no crown effect. The above by Martin explains why you do need to cache dynamics for final renders. So the altered work flow for final renders with dynamics is to cache dynamics - it also reduces render times as well. Below is rendered on R19 (i changed the hdri between the two renders) non cached Cached
  3. krustylicious

    Why Won't This Render?

    So it renders in the real time preview for you and not in the picture viewer?
  4. krustylicious

    Why Won't This Render?

    what happens if you save as psd? also what does the render look like ?
  5. krustylicious

    Why Won't This Render?

    same here Lothar, its rendering once i've removed the the sun node - also agree with the hair and the other non cycles needed options. And saves as a tiff that teknow and the same settings. Teknow can you try again but without the sun settings disabled? Crown Splash.tif
  6. krustylicious

    Why Won't This Render?

    i can't seem to download it
  7. krustylicious

    Render Glass with Alpha for Compositing

    I would (and i am probably going to ) for cycles renders set that as a default. As without that set, the preview and final renders are actually different. As for n00b moments, we all have them.
  8. krustylicious

    Render Glass with Alpha for Compositing

    Because i cant edit my post. You need to up both the ray bounces and transparency depth, with glass you should always use hdr. I've included below a sample scene. If you save it out as a psd it will also have the alpha set for AE glass for forums.c4d
  9. krustylicious

    Render Glass with Alpha for Compositing

    Increase the ray bounces..
  10. I've used a cyinstance and a Question to resolve it.. (i have a slight headache today 😞 ) thank you for the quick response
  11. I think I'm having a brain fart. but how do I change another material's emission based off of an emitter's particle colour ? So for instance a cube's emission colour is changed by an emmiter's colour ?
  12. krustylicious

    Tire Burnout

    One way of doing this is Questions or the other way is dynamics with a spawning emitter (upon collision) with a ExplosiaFX source tag. If you give the car body a collider tag, you can then stick the smoke to the car too . Scene file with bouncing ball hitting cube with a collider. The Questions way is more flexible smoke on collision test.c4d
  13. krustylicious

    How can I participate in the Early Access

    Can you make the email verification greylisting compatible. As i had to turn that off at times
  14. krustylicious

    Texture maps no longer rendering

    Which version of cycles are you using, i know that 294 wasn't loading any image textures properly if preset:/ was being used and you had saved that material in a library. But from inital tests that isn't happening on the latest build anymore.
  15. krustylicious

    Xp shatter issue.

    @Lothar Thank you, I hadn't used XpExplode before. Out of all the things i tried, i didn't try moving the modifier axis..