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  1. krustylicious

    Trying to locate a particular tutorial

    Thank you, it wasn't actually that one, but with no sound on and quickly looking at the video, it may help, as what i wanted to do is reusable. If i'm stuck i will post a sample project.
  2. krustylicious

    xpDynamics simulation not rendering

    Thanks lothar for a workaround for this, I've suffered this today(yesterday). The other workaround would be to write a script that updates the viewport and then render that frame individual. As the viewport does get updated but the renderer doesn't get the same information for the position of the xpdynamics object. I'm hoping somebody has reported this as a bug and that the next early release will squish this rather annoying bug
  3. krustylicious

    All of my smoke attempts have turned out very blocky

    Can we see the output. I'm hoping that redshift adds the channel data straight in a rs volume at some stage. That way you have flexibility to go interactive till the final render and use rs proxies at where needed. Voxal size will affect blockyness and also what your explosiafx source is, also if its set to surface to or volume in the source tag.
  4. As the title says, I'm seeing it only hit around 8% to 14% (going up to 33%) on a cache sim using a ryzen 2700x.
  5. I'm sure i'm having a brain fart. But say i want to put geometry on the the spawned particles but have the direction flat on a curved surface. How do i do that. I will be using redshift as the renderer. Basically I want to flip the particle with a flow field so that the geometry will thus flip The image is more to aid than an example
  6. I remember earlier this year, of a tutorial of placing xparticles on a terrain and instancing objects on it. For the life of me i can't find it. Hopefully one of you guys know which one i'm referring to
  7. krustylicious

    xplosia and xpEmitter

    Have you given the emitter enough particles ?
  8. Ok the knowledge base confuses me about maintenance. My maintenance is as follows Xparticles - expired 24/11/2019 cycles - expires 24/04/2019 Would maintenance simply add 12 months to both, ie xp - 24/11/2020 and 24/04/2021 for cycles ? Secondly if i want to use team render do i need an extra cycles node - for cycles renders ? for instance 2 machines 1 extra node(inc original node), 3 machines, 2 eatra nodes?
  9. krustylicious

    out of memory error

    What type of scene are you creating?
  10. if you are using an emitter - increase the birthrate.
  11. krustylicious

    Cloth Holes

    also look at the documentation - click on the blue-green ? at the bottom left, also the video doc. The content repository annnnnnnnnd the training section in your account
  12. krustylicious

    Cloth elasticity

    Either increase the iterations or enable the 2nd level constraints .. you may need to play with the settings to get it how you wish it to act
  13. krustylicious

    attach geo to dynamic spline end

    if you create another point selection at the end of the spline, and then add an emiter to create one single particle you can then add objects. I'm currently in xpcache mode so i can't do an example file your
  14. krustylicious

    Licese problem

    @Zoir reset the license in my accounts. I had this problem earlier. The frustrating thing is that you can't release it in c4d in the license manager because you get locked out.
  15. krustylicious

    CyEnvironment is not showing HDR image

    My apologies, I misread what you had said. I have reproduced the same situation. Either its unintentional or its a bug Basically the cyEnvironment camera visibility has no effect if alpha channel is selected in the render settings.