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  1. dimitroleykin

    displacement and bump

    Thanks a lot foe help! This solved the problem. The displacement has rendered now. But how to render sample files from the repository? And why did they work before? As far as I understand, there was no displacement node before the latest upgrade?
  2. dimitroleykin

    displacement and bump

    Thank you guys for your replies but nothing did help. I tried everything. When displacement method is true or both, it produce even more crazy result. Also demo scenes from the repository do not render. СPU or CUDA doesn't matter. Either there is no displacement at all or the geometry is completely distorted. But before a year ago everything worked OK and I was able to repeat the lessons on procedural lava and procedural crack.
  3. dimitroleykin

    displacement and bump

    Hi guys! there is a problem with displacement and bump - doesn't work at all - cycles either ignore render it or gives out chaos in the viewport.
  4. dimitroleykin

    xpVertexMap with noise texture SOLVED

    Amazing tip! I couldn't find a solution for that. Thank you very much!
  5. Hi! Could you help me find a solution! Is there any way to match Noise and VertexMap patterns by using xpVertexMap?
  6. dimitroleykin

    Matrix object

    Thanks for the advice! I do a lot with a matrix object. Recently used a matrix to generate X-Particle by using XPresso to link x particles position.
  7. dimitroleykin

    Matrix object

    By the way, I've just tried to catch the deformed matrix using another matrix and it also works! Cy4d_matrix+deformer_render_matrix_fix.c4d
  8. dimitroleykin

    Matrix object

    Ok! Cy4d_matrix+deformer_render_clone_fix.c4d
  9. dimitroleykin

    Matrix object

    By the way I solved this problem by using Clone instead of Matrix. Since Matrix gives more possibilities I use Clone object mode with source as a Matrix. And this way it gives correct render.
  10. dimitroleykin

    Matrix object

  11. dimitroleykin

    Matrix object

    Matrix object does not rendered on its position after deformer has applied
  12. dimitroleykin

    can't see hdr image like background SOLVED

    Sorry for that! After cleaning up preference folder it works fine)
  13. Hi! Аfter the last update HDR image does not appear in real time preview anymore.
  14. dimitroleykin

    Fructure object and emission from texture SOLVED

    great! thank you! I fogot about baking..