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  1. bartjeeh

    Hardware requirements

    yeah i kinda expected something like that 😛 thanks anyhow! will not upgrade then as it doesn't seem to be worth it.
  2. bartjeeh

    Hardware requirements

    Hey Steve, yep i got that far indeed.. I was just really hoping to get some hard facts from insydium. I'm on a 6800k right now which is doing quite okay, And i really don't wanna bust my ass getting a new system thats barely going to perform any better. Which it looks like any system will be doing... This must be measured/tested by insydium right?
  3. Anyone has any insight on xp4 performance? Im trying to find out what would be the best CPU to simulate, i read that some functions are not multithreaded, but most are. However there are reports of people running dual 2699 xeon that are not having "massive" performance. Is there any optimal point? e.g. High ghz vs cores edit: more concrete. What would i buy. respectively core / clck / cinebench single/multi Intel i9 9900K 8 3.6 218 2077 AMD Threadripper 1950X 16 3.4 166 3062 Any insight would be welcome
  4. bartjeeh

    Cloth intersections

    Hi there, quick question, im trying to collide cloth on cloth. however cannot find how that would be possible. It seems like its not, but would love to know if that is indeed the case. I tried putting colliders on the cloths themselves. The goal is simply to cover an object with a layer of cloths.