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    display texture in viewport issue

    there is an easy trick to do it with the RT preview open, go to RT render menu, check viewport, make sure that you have Cycles 4D as renderer in the render settings. set samples to 2, mark your required texture in the material (blue output socket) to solo it, now this will render quite fast and will show in the viewport. edit: it is not a hack, that selection of 0 means that this material isn't used, and the standard material is used for the render (you don't need the Cycles 4D material in that case).
  2. Mohamed Sakr

    Cycles4D Renders Black on Sample Files?

    go to the material that illuminates the RT preview, make sure that there is no output socket set to solo (marked as blue), if there is any, connect that output socket to emission node to the surface output., now it should work in the final render.
  3. Mohamed Sakr

    Splines "explode" on export

    Thanks, we are aware of that issue, it is related to perfect sphere, so if you uncheck perfect sphere in the sphere primitive object, it will render as expected.
  4. Mohamed Sakr

    Random option in Object info node.

    Thanks, please report a bug
  5. Mohamed Sakr

    1080ti VS 2080ti

    thanks for the info
  6. Mohamed Sakr

    Static or Dynamic seed for best Denoising?

    if you chose a seed value (other than 0), it will generate the same noise on all frames (which sometimes is desirable and recommended for denoising animations)
  7. Mohamed Sakr

    Cycles Lights

    you can't include/exclude lights in Cycles 4D, it is against its unbiased workflow.
  8. if RT preview is running, material preview won't update until you pause the RT preview, this is to ensure that RT got all resources as material preview update eats a lot of resources.
  9. Mohamed Sakr


    it also needs a material attached to the curve object
  10. Mohamed Sakr

    Download link for demo doesn't work

    you do need the INSYDIUM bridge to run older plugins on R20
  11. Mohamed Sakr

    Link Cy4D with xPresso

    about (2) in your xpresso, drag and drop the material now select the background node inside the material go to xpresso, add whatever you want in the material node from node settings. about (1) add custom data, change it to link, change interface to shader.
  12. Mohamed Sakr

    1080ti VS 2080ti

    EA should work with RTX 2080 Ti
  13. Mohamed Sakr


    any curve object needs a cyCurve tag to get rendered. does that help?
  14. Mohamed Sakr

    How can I participate in the Early Access

    for EA program, https://insydium.ltd/products/early-access/ How to get your Early Access download. Simply change your existing Cycles 4D download link from: http://download.cycles4d.com/(your download ID) To http://earlyaccess.insydium.net/(your download ID) So, for example, if your download ID is 12345678, then the URL should be: http://earlyaccess.insydium.net/12345678 Once this is complete, you will be sent an automated mail from INSYDIUM for verification.
  15. Mohamed Sakr


    you need to post this question in the right forums, https://community.insydium.online/index.php?/forum/9-explosiafx/
  16. Mohamed Sakr


    to render with alpha, activate transparent background from the render settings. to render with passes, activate multipass and add post effects, and activate whatever layer you want from Cycles 4D render elements
  17. Mohamed Sakr

    Real-Time Preview Performance on iMac Pro

    Cycles core devs (Blender foundation) dropped the OpenCL support a few months ago for 2 reasons: Apple deprecated OpenCL, and the OpenCL driver on Apple is very bad and doesn't compile many parts of the code that works fine with CUDA and CPU and even on Windows OpenCL drivers, and Apple won't solve the problem.
  18. Mohamed Sakr

    Real-Time Preview Performance on iMac Pro

    this was in the old UI (build 247), new UI is significantly faster (EA build 294) and it has this problem fixed even if that lag in the old UI was caused by Cinema4D native image conversion (internally calling OS blabla to convert colors on that system and screen). note though as you will use the Mac, OpenCL is deprecated and no longer supported. so getting nvidia is a must for GPU rendering.
  19. Mohamed Sakr

    Background object

    what I mentioned does exactly that, the image should fit the window and fixed.
  20. Mohamed Sakr

    Background object

    add cyEnvironment, go to the background material, add input->texture coordinate node connect texture coordinate node->window output to image texture node uncheck load fro disk on the image texture node, check the flip Y axis, connect that to the background node.
  21. Mohamed Sakr

    Display no colors in the viewport

    you are now using the demo build (which is the current release build 247), if you have the full build (non demo), you can access the EA build 294 which has the viewport colors applied. build 294 got many new features and faster node editor and RT preview. you won't need the viewport colors anyway in that build 🙂 you can also render in the RT and display the RT rendered image in the viewport (from the RT menu, there is a viewport checkbox).
  22. Mohamed Sakr

    Matrix object

    thanks @dimitroleykin , note that if you modify the original matrix in the latter case you will need to do an event on the matrix object (like turning it off and on) to update its cache 🙂
  23. Mohamed Sakr

    Matrix object

    @dimitroleykin thanks!, I see how you used a Cloner object to catch the data from the Matrix object, my fix wouldn't involve this 🙂 (if it worked at all)
  24. Mohamed Sakr

    Display no colors in the viewport

    in the EA build (294) it has viewport colors (except for textures as it requires sampling like image textures as it will slow down the RT).
  25. Mohamed Sakr

    Matrix object

    may you post a scene please, I need to check what gives the correct result for such deformers