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  1. Been waiting for Cycles releases to become again compatible with Mac OS 10.11 -- several have said that the next stable release is targeted toward that, but so far Early Release has been unstable under 10.11 -- any word on the newest early release (build 294)? Thanks.
  2. Anybody have suggestions on this? Started a C4D R20 project using x-particles (early release) and cycles (latest full release, not early release). Deleted all the Cycles items (materials, tags, etc.) and rebuilt the project for Arnold Render (which lets me team render from several machines). I removed everything I could find referencing Cylces, but yet when I try to team render (using my Arnold setup), the other render machines return an error with the notation "Plug-ins used for this scene are missing. 'Cycles 4D'" But no references left in this project file. Do a need to build everything from scratch in a new project, or is there some way to get rid of some hidden reference to Cycles? Any help appreciated.
  3. jrhans

    Bridge'em all!

    Anybody have any luck with SurfaceSpread using Insydium bridge? Thanks, Insydium team for a great effort!