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  1. I am using the manual time option in the cached playback tab, based off of the Mario Tran Phuc FMX 2018 video. However, when I slow it down the sim looks like it is stepping one frame to the next. I have an xpcache on my cloth object and emitter. I am using a redshift tag and renderer if that matters. Also the cloth object is in a cloth surface with subdivision. FPS in document and render settings are both the same (24). Is there a setting to be tweaked that will smooth out the interpolation between frames?
  2. Hello Everyone, I have a polo shirt with three buttons made in Marvelous Designer. Each button is an independent object. Inside of Cinema 4D, I am trying to use X-Particles with xpCloth to send waves of turbulence through the shirt and keep the buttons not only pinned and move right but also collide with the polo as well. I have tried using Xpresso Point Node and tried the constraint tag with the clamp option, trying both point and surface options. No matter what, the button seems to intersect with the polo, sometimes moving along the surface of the shirt, or even flipping over into the inside of the shirt. When collisions are on the button, it creates some exploding geometry. I have taken the bounce down, I have played with the subframe steps and accuracy in the project settings of C4D. Does anyone have experience with something similar or advice on what to try? Thanks!