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  1. ironsightdesign

    xpShatter on moving object

    Scene attached. Basically want the screwdriver to be moving slightly like the Null above the xpShatter object is moving, then get hit by the sphere and shatter. Adding the Vibrate tag directly to the shattered object doesnt work, nor does putting the object as a child of that moving Null, both under the xpShatter object. Seems like the vibrate tag is making the point generator constantly recalculate making the shatter not work. Any workarounds to get xpShatter to work on an object that's moving? Screwdriver_test.c4d
  2. ironsightdesign

    Help please! Trails on surface of moving character

    Can anyone from Insydium weigh in on this?
  3. ironsightdesign

    Insydium intro reveals

    Want to try and replicate the text reveal on the Insydium training videos - “Official Training”, “Speed Test”, etc, As seen here The particle motion shouldn’t be difficult to replicate, but the text emission color seems to be shown on the particles, so probably not a comp. Any ideas?
  4. ironsightdesign

    Fluids not working with small scenes

    Is it possible to post the finished scene for reference?