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  1. It means two renderjobs. And it is just a cheat. First Job: Cycles 4d Render with no Motion Blur and DOF activated Second: Cinema4D Standard Render. Turn on Motion Vector in Multipass Settings. No Antialising In After Effects you need a Plugin like "ReelSmart Motion Vector". Put the Plugin on your layer and select the Motion Vector Pass. Now you have fake Motion Blur in Comp
  2. good question. it works with the standard motion vector. but it means yo have to render twice. cycles4d can generate "motion weight" and "motion" pass under render elements. but I can't get these to work in after effects. if anybody has more information please share. thanks in advance!
  3. John Smith

    Alembic Export

    hi! i want to bake my emitter geometry to alembic. like in this video: https://vimeo.com/51432501 i attached my file. it is a simple emitter. but when I export it to alembic, the alembic file is empty. i tested it with r19 20 21. the guy in the video uses r14. do you have any ideas? thank you for you feedback. EMITTER.c4d
  4. hi! does anybody know what the camera elements "object motion" are needed for? when ticked in render elements you get two passes: "Motion Weight" (pure black and white) and "Motion" which is colored (only if camera is animated). but it is not colored as the classic cinema 4d motion vector that work with reel smart motion blur. if "object motion" is ticked, cycles does not render any motion blur. just these two passes. i attached a simple scene file. hope you can help! OBJECT_MOTION.c4d
  5. John Smith

    How to Composite "Object Motion" Pass?

    hi! i have the same problem. when i tick "object motion" in render elements i get a black and white "motion weight" pass (no gradients). if the camera has animation too i get a second pass called "motion". it is colored but not as i expected. this does not work in after effects with reelsmart mblur. please help.
  6. hi there! i have a problem regarding my render outputs from PC and MAC. although it is the same scene the mac output EXR 32BIT image is much brighter than the PC EXR 32BIT output. that makes team rendering useless for me. do you have the same problem? the standard renderer is doing fine. mac an pc render output look the same. i attached my testfile. i am on high sierra (mac) and windows 10 (PC). there are no materials on the cube to keep things simple and clean. the problem occurs if there are any materials too. as it is working in standard render, i assume it is a cycles4d related thing? any suggestions? TEST.c4d