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  1. Mike Cahill

    Main (0-00-04-18).jpg

    Dig it. Nice.
  2. Mike Cahill

    Cycles 4D Hotfix - Build 506

    Hmm, this is what I have. Is that normal? Thanks for the reply!
  3. Mike Cahill

    What happened to the Custom Tag - Tag?

    Oooooh, Thank you!
  4. Hello, I am trying to emit Explosia FX from a polygon selection tag but the option to put that in the Custom Tag: Tag Explosia FX Source Tag seems to be missing. Is there a new solution to this? The manual http://docs.x-particles.net/html/efxsourcetag.php Shows it's there but I guess it was removed? Any help would be great with this. Are you guys working on an updated manual? that would be great as well. Thanks for your help. Mike
  5. Mike Cahill

    Cycles 4D Hotfix - Build 506

    Is it a new build problem or did I not load something correctly? I was able to find the .c4d file for EFXFIre and smoke and merge it into the project but it should be part of the drop down, no?
  6. Mike Cahill

    Cycles 4D Hotfix - Build 506

    Hi, I am doing the Countdown Tutorial but I am missing the EFX Fire and Smoke preset. I am pretty sure I had it before, and it looks like somethings were moved around, but it w=also looks like I am missing about 1/4 of what is shown in the tutorial. Was it changed or did I forget to load something? Thanks for your help in advance, Mike
  7. Mike Cahill

    Final Render does not match Viewport

    Sorry about this but I brought it into After Effects and it's fine. I thought it was the same problem I was having with the Pro Growth Tutorial where one frame was fine and the next with have these black holes in the animation>frame 29 bad frame 30 good...
  8. Hello, I am having problems rendering all of the tutorials on the website that use Cycles. Everything looks good in the viewport and while rendering but the final render seems to have an alpha channel like hole in the animations the water helix is missing the color. I just don't know if it's me or it's my computer. iMac Pro 8-Core 3.2GHz Intel Xeon W 32 GB Memory Radeon Pro Vega 56 8 GB Mac OS 10.14.6 The output was open exr. Ive attached the Water Helix Project, render settings and samples of what I'm talking about. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! Mike Water Helix002_C_render.c4d