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  1. Ah I missed that! Thank you!
  2. I got an animation that is an alembic bake from a volume mesher. It seems like the collider tag works with it but it keep on letting the particles escape. I have tried boosting the subframe steps and tried the diferent modes in the collider tag but nope. Someone has a workaround or tip? Thanks!
  3. Thank you so much for helping! Nice of you to do simulations too!! 👊 I don't get it 100% what you mean. Newbie on Xparticles. Could you show me your setup with a screenshot maybe?
  4. I have made an OVD Mesh out of an ExplosiaFX. Now I want that mesh to push apart alot of spheres generated from particles. Could someone pinpoint me here? Can't figue it out.
  5. micke

    What renderer?

    Thank you! Yes I understand this now. I am a bit enoyed by how Insydium makes it look in their commercial. "fully compatible with c4d renderer". Then when I ask them they say: Yes it works but it will be very slow. That's not "fully compatible" to me. Totaly useless actually. I think I will go for Octane.
  6. micke

    Render with native C4D

    No one that tried render smoke/clouds with native c4d?
  7. Anyone know how to render out smoke and fire with the c4d native renderer? A tutorial or anything? I tried applying the X-Particles Gaseous shader but it takes for EVER to render it out. I must do something wrong. Or should I just buy Cycles 4D? Even though Insydium clearly clames the native renderer works fine in their commercials. Thanks alot!
  8. micke

    What renderer?

    Thank you for a quick asnwer! Could you pinpoint me on how to efficient render clouds/smoke with the c4d native renderer? Tried the physical on low settings but it's extremly slow even though my computer is rather fast. Thanks mate!
  9. micke

    What renderer?

    Hi guys! A noob question. What renderengine should I use for XP? Is it fully compatible with c4d native? Can I use vrayforc4d to render smoke and liquids?