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  1. Hello! I have a problem with generated object's collision with plane. Scene is easy: emitter with falling particles and generated petals. All falls on water surface. How to make it falls with petals geometry? It looks now like falling spheres, system is igmoring generated mesh! Petals falls and doesn't react! Thanks!
  2. elmake

    ExplosiaFX + Voronoi Fracture

    Can i ask you i more thing? Maybe it's a stupid questions, but how can i make a smoke scatter over time? I have this: But i'm trying to achieve powder explosion effect, so need to particles starts produce straight smoke and it scatter more over time, like this:
  3. elmake

    ExplosiaFX + Voronoi Fracture

    Thanks, Lothar! It's works, of course. I'm newbie in c4d and x-particles, so for me it's not simple :)
  4. elmake

    ExplosiaFX + Voronoi Fracture

    Hello, guys! I tried to make a powder explosion with ExplosiaFX and stuck with adding a smoke to my pushed apart voronoi's object. So, how to add Explosia tag to generate smoke and fire from these parts?