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  1. elmake

    ExplosiaFX + Voronoi Fracture

    Can i ask you i more thing? Maybe it's a stupid questions, but how can i make a smoke scatter over time? I have this: But i'm trying to achieve powder explosion effect, so need to particles starts produce straight smoke and it scatter more over time, like this:
  2. elmake

    ExplosiaFX + Voronoi Fracture

    Thanks, Lothar! It's works, of course. I'm newbie in c4d and x-particles, so for me it's not simple :)
  3. elmake

    ExplosiaFX + Voronoi Fracture

    Hello, guys! I tried to make a powder explosion with ExplosiaFX and stuck with adding a smoke to my pushed apart voronoi's object. So, how to add Explosia tag to generate smoke and fire from these parts?