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  1. Jakob Wagner

    Scale with ease

    ... so this would work. But only for the biggest particles, but not for the small ones. It seems impossible to me to make it work for the particles no matter their size, since you kind of have to estimate the Radius Change value to fit their size.
  2. Jakob Wagner

    Scale with ease

    Unless I scale the Radius Change down to zero again, of course. 🙂 Hold on...
  3. Jakob Wagner

    Scale with ease

    I really appreciate your responses. But I can't see how that would work (tested it too). That would, if I understand it correctly, ease in the Radius Change value. So it would start at zero and go to 1cm in my example. But this would result in an end Radius Change value of 1cm and lead to a very hard end of the scale animation. So there is a difference in easing the scale amount (Radius Value) and the amount in which it is scaled (Radius Change). Also it would not care about the random sizes, so smaller and larger particles would ease differently. Again, I might be totally wrong, but it still isn't working. It is of course being slower in the beginning (ease in) but not in the end (ease out).
  4. Jakob Wagner

    Scale with ease

    Yes. I could do it like this, but then their sizes wont be random. Maybe "Set Value" should have a variation. Or I'm still missing something.
  5. Jakob Wagner

    Scale with ease

    Hi I'm using xpScale to scale up my particles when they emit. They emit at a size of zero. Then scales up with one cm per frame until randomly scaled to somewhere between 2 cm and 10 cm in size. Current settings attached as image. This works fine, but I would like them to scale slowly in the start and beginning. So ease the scaling animation. Is this possible? Thanks, Jakob
  6. Jakob Wagner

    Change fluid/granular state

    xpSpawn is exactly what I needed.
  7. Jakob Wagner

    Change fluid/granular state

    Thanks. I'll check it out!
  8. Jakob Wagner

    Change fluid/granular state

    Hi Is there something like a fluid data control modifier? I'm thinking like the xpPhysical, but for controling the state of the particles fluid data? I have some snow letters made using xpFluidFX and the granular fluid solver. I want to make them melt, which means changing the fluid data. I want to be able to control this using some sort of falloff so they doesn't all melt at once. Any way to do that? Thanks, Jakob