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  1. Jakob Wagner

    xpShatter and selection tags for materials

    Hi Lothar Thank you! I did try to add both tags but not to use both. That works. Thanks! Can I humbly ask you if you know this too? I put it in the wrong forum by accident and not sure how to move it, but it never got any responds. - Jakob
  2. Jakob Wagner

    Clone emitter with Mograph cloner

    Thanks! Much appreciated. Not sure why I didn't come back to this, guess I forgot to follow the thread. For others with the same question who find this. This video actually shows how to do it. Exactly like Ollyvenning says. 🙂 - Jakob
  3. Hi I use xpShatter and under Selection I check Inside Faces. A selection tag appears. Now I add two materials. On the top material tag I use the new selection tag as selection. Now I would expect the outside and inside polygons to use two different materials. But it ignores the top materials as if the selection tag is empty. Is this not supported? And if it isn't, how do I use two different materials on the inside and outside polygons respectively? Thanks Jakob shatter_sphere_selection_tags.c4d
  4. Jakob Wagner

    xpShatter and Motion Inheritance

    I'm guessing it could be a priority issue, but I'm not sure what I could do about it?
  5. Jakob Wagner

    xpShatter and Motion Inheritance

    Hi I have a sphere which is being shattered with xpShatter. I'm trying to emit particles from the inner faces of the shatter. That works. What doesn't work is the motion inheritance for the newly emitted particles. Most of them get stuck in the air. A few of them actually moves. Does motion inheritance not work with shatter or am I doing it wrong? Thanks, Jakob shatter_sphere_motion_inheritance.c4d
  6. Jakob Wagner

    XP Dynamics set up

    A polite +1 that xpDynamics/xpShatter workflow could use more work. 1. It doesn't make sense to me that a push is needed? Is that the same as an collision? It makes the shards blow/push apart in a way that doesn't look natural. 2. The performance make it impossible for me to use it. If, in the attached scene, I turn on the Spawn Points on my xpShatter the simulation gets to slow to use. Not 100 % sure if I'm doing something wrong or if this is simply the performance to be expected. Thanks, Jakob shatter_sphere.c4d
  7. Jakob Wagner

    Particcle advection - Particles disappear

    Right. I see your point. From a technical view that makes sense. But it is inconsistent with how particles can still be born and modified after the "original" 150 frames. From a conceptual/usability view I would still consider it a bug or at least if it should work differently. Full lifespan should mean the particle will never die within your timeline/simulation. (unless modified to die of course) - Jakob
  8. Jakob Wagner

    Particcle advection - Particles disappear

    Hi Mike You're right. Thanks! Setting the lifespan high, like 300 does solve the problem. Must be a bug. Thank you for the other inputs as well. 🙂 - Jakob
  9. Hi I have a simulation where a xpExplosia is advecting particles. At a specific point of the simulation some of the particles disappear. Later in the simulation more particles disappear above the can. I am meshing the particles and render them as water, so it looks weird when they disappear. Why are they disappearing and are there anything I can do to stop it? Thanks, Jakob Wagner twisted water dissapear.c4d
  10. Jakob Wagner

    Retime xpExplosia

    Thank you! I completely missed that parameter. 🙂 And thanks for the video, I'll watch that later.
  11. Jakob Wagner

    Retime xpExplosia

    Hi I have followed this tutorial to create something similar. My problem is I want the animation to be really quick in the beginning and then slow down and eventually stop (time freeze) completely. Is that possible to do somehow? Like you can retime particles. In the tutorial he mentions that you can use the buoyancy settings on the xpExplosia object to speed up the simulation. But you can only do that in a small degree before the simulation goes wrong. I could simply render out a long slow animation of the water twirl and then do the retiming in post, but I rather do it in C4D if possible. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks, Jakob Wagner
  12. Jakob Wagner

    xpFollowSpline - some particles leaves the spline

    Hhm. I have no idea what I did to make it not work. But if I rebuild it, it works perfectly. Here is a working file just for the sake of it. xp spline error.c4d
  13. Hi I have an emitter and a xpFollowSpline. The particles follows the spline to the end and then dies. This works for most particles but some of them chooses to suddenly leave the spline. Depending on the "Activate range" they will float into space or get sucked into the spline again. Any way to avoid this? Thanks Jakob xp spline error.c4d
  14. Jakob Wagner

    Rotation in physics simulation

    Thank you for answering. Right. I think I actually knew that but forgot it again. 🙂 This is really counter intuitive and a problem for me because I did want to use XP modifiers too. I'll find a way, but please consider this a feature requests. And a pretty important one for me, since I almost always texture the particles. Jakob
  15. Hi I have a really simple setup. En emitter emitting particles on to a tilted plane. Gravity is added and the plane is set as collider. I have turned on Use Rotation and set Rotation mode to Tangential. I have a xpGenerator which is using a sphere geometry. Problem is the rotation. The spheres seems to be behaving correct in the beginning, but quickly they reset the rotation and doesn't rotate at all. Eventually I want to use a redshift object tag instead of the xpGenerator, but when testing the rotation behavior is the same. Source file attached. Thanks, Jakob test rotation.c4d