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  1. PeekCS

    Collision gone wrong

    I also like to ask if it's possible to rotate the dart mid air. I tried, Emitter > Use Rotation, xpSpin, key framing the dart, key framing dart PLA, simple spin, but nothing works
  2. Hey, Im trying out Dynamic Collision by shooting a darts at an object. The goals is to play the animation in slowmotion and create a realistic bounce effect If you check the file and cache out the simulation and play the cache at a slow speed, two problem come up: 1. the dart move out of direction before hitting the object. 2. the dart becomes flat. I played around with different setting, including sub steps, but nothing change the effect in a positive way. test_collision.c4d
  3. Hey, Im struggling with the ChangeGroup Modifier. I have particles that seems to change groups when they goes trough the ChangeGroup Falloff. When I add the " New Group" to a modifer - Groups Affected, like xpDirection, xpWind or xpAttractor, the modifiers won't have an effect on the particles. Why is that? PLZ check the test scene below. Dart_Bounds.c4d
  4. Hey xp users, Im new to x-particles and I looking for a way to create high quality fluid simulation. For example, I have a water body within an open container. Ad the moment only a radius of 2 gives me a stable water body. But I need a denser water body, to get the quality im looking for. I played around with the Radius and Spacing, but in most cases the water sinks to the body, explodes, jitters heavy or I get impossible loading time. plz check the example file I made. maybe Im doing something wrong. SPECS: MAC Mini Processor: 3,2 GHz Intel Core i7 Memory: 32 GB 2667 MHz DDR4 Videocard: Intel UHD Graphics 630 1536 MB Pool.c4d
  5. PeekCS

    Fluid Density

  6. PeekCS

    Fluid Density

    Hey, If you use to Fluid FX water Body, often the problem is that fluid particles explode or sink to the bottom. By trail and error I figured out that particle with a Radius of 2 and a spacing of 95% is the sweet spot for creating a stable fluid pool. But know I want to higher the fluid simulation quality by lowering the radius to 1 (or lower), but I can't find the right spacing. Can someone explain the logic behind density controle in X-particles?
  7. PeekCS

    Fluid morph to Object

    Hey Lothar, Thx for your quick reaction. I made a test and it work really nice. My only problem was that not all the particle emit on all the points of the object. This will create holes when the VDB particles Inherit the object point positions. But by enabling the "One Particle Per Source Element" on the Target Emitter will fix that problem. Thx alot 😉
  8. PeekCS

    Fluid morph to Object

    Hey, I'm looking for a way to make a VDB fluid, shape into an Object. I checked to Morph Generated Objects documentation and It just feels so backwards. It talks about object to object Morph with an equal amount of vertexes? And the Morph modifier, I can't just choose a target object? I have to use a Generator object? I just want to spread my Fluid particles equally on the surface of a target object and if its possible use the xpSheeter to fill up holes in the surface.
  9. Thx Lothar, this works perfect!
  10. hey guys, Im new to xp and I don't know how to solve this problem, here is the situation. I have an object with a Fluid FX Water Body inside. At the start of the sim a (different) object falls into the water body, creating a crown splash. The particles falling down near the object surface, coloring a Vertexmap. The use of the Vertexmap is to change the shader of the object. This work fine, but no I like to fuse the object with the particles, using the OVDBMesher. Of couse this makes the Vertexmap useless, because vertexes come and go on a OVDBMesher. How can a particle splash color (change shader) the object, with the same OBDBMesher? what is the alternative here? VDB_Object_Splash.c4d