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  1. Hello, i've come across a very annoying bug. If you have a cloner object with render instance turned on, then the Attribute-Object color node does not work. Meaning, it does not show the effector colours. And if you have thousands of cloned objects not rendered as instances, then you have a big problem. Any solutions? Thanks
  2. Hello, I have a question about the seed(image grain) when you render an animation. What is the best choice for the seed type? Static or animated? Not only for cycles denoiser but for other ones as well, for example after effects red giant denoiser. Thanks.
  3. Hey there. So glad we are finally able to try the new features. I found an issue which is quite buffling. An image texture looks fine in the preview window but looks weird in the final render. I'm attaching a screenshot. I am using the texture tag in the node editor and flat projection in the material tag.