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  1. Are there any known performance issues with Explosia on Mac? I'm running an 18 core iMac Pro Intel Xeon W and even on the most simple and basic setup I'm getting painfully slow and unresponsive viewport feedback, like 5 FPS even if I increase the voxel size to something ridiculously large. I just tried creating a real quick and simple test scene from one of Bob's videos, basically a Platonic with Explosia tag and an xpExplosiaFX object. I can see that Bob's gets smooth and responsive feedback, but mine seems incredibly slow and unresponsive. Realistically, this is unworkable at this kind of speed. Explosia.c4d
  2. So I've been trying to cache a very simple sequence but I keep getting issues… Firstly it's like only every 3rd frame gets cached. Secondly in one scene file the cache seems to stop on frame 90 for the editable points, although the particles seem to be cached for the full length of the scene. This seems a bit random and I'm not sure if it's something I'm doing wrong or if there's a bug with the xpCache. I've attached a couple of my scene files. Just to be clear, it's the editable points I'm interested in so that I can use later in a C4D Cloner. caching_problem_01.c4d caching_problem_02.c4d